Monday, February 21, 2011

Dare to dream

I dreamt of making 1 video for DT.. AND FINALLY, I DID!


I'm really glad for this. : )

Monday, February 14, 2011

Magnify your 10%- Bro. Bo Sanchez

Bro. Bo’s topic is about tithing. He has his personal opinion about it. He said, that Catholics weren’t thought to tithe, it’s always to tip. It’s a horrible teaching not to tithe, for Is a law of generosity. He also taught us that we should be specific especially in Tithing. We should declare: GIVE 10% of YOUR INCOME TO THE LORD. To give until it hurts. He also compared how Born Again Churches were built all over the world, simply because their members prioritize tithing.

He also said that he and his accountant were facing problems in Feast.

Bad news: They don’t have the millions yet to build 1,000 Feasts all over the world.

Good news: They have a millions and millions and millions to build 1,000 Feasts.

Another Bad news: All money is still on our pockets.

4 Blessings of tithing

1.     Habit- habit of giving.
      -  Tithing should be done regularly, so that blessings will come regularly.

2.     Happiness- It helps to provide poor of poor people needs.

3.     Holiness- Greed destroys us.
-       You gain freedom from materialism.
-       Set apart something for God.
4.     Hunger- Calling for God.

He also cited that a person who has scarcity mindset can’t tithe. He challenged us with this question: When there’s nothing left? Can we give?

Other important questions:

1.     Where do I bring my tithe?
Answer: I bring the full amount of tithes to the temple.
-       It also increases my abundance by prioritizing tithing.
-       Giving alms is different from tithing.
2.     Should I give based on my net or gross?
Answer: Should I be blessed based on my net or gross.

I decide to tithe even if it hurts.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just a reminder for an impatient heart

MK did this for me. Another funstuff from her. We had a little conversation with this.

After giving the "cute reminder", she nonverbally said:

MK: You have a pizza hut heart shaped card, right? put it there
and flash it on your station wall.

Thina: Why, do you think, I'm waiting impatiently?

MK: No, you're not even waiting!

Thina: Haha.. Yeah, I'm just patient! * *

The new curly haired trainee was just looking weirdly on the both of us.

hays, another uncanny trip between the 2 of us! hehe