Thursday, December 29, 2011

Angry bird pen holder

I've been thinking to make a pen holder since last week because my old pen holder is already filled. Thanks to this lovely and creative blog for yielding me an idea in creating one. Yey!

art paper
scotch tape
illustration board
tissue paper core

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Children's Book Review

I bought 4 Children’s books last Christmas, like what I wrote last time, I’d make some reviews first then will give to it to my God daughter and my extended relative from Bicol. The other 2, still undecided to whom will I give it. Nonetheless, here are the following Reviews:

1.       Ang Tsinelas ni Inoy ( Inoy’s Slippers) by Renato C. Vibiesca/ Illustrations by James B. Abalos

I’m proud to say that it’s one of the Award-Winning stories for Children; it won A Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature, Unang Gantimpala, Maikling Kathang Pambata 1996.

Basically, the story is about Inoy, he’s used to wear slippers that are interchanged. His mother always reminded him to wear it properly but he disobeyed her and even if his father has threatened to whip him if he does not wear his slippers properly, he continues to wear them the wrong way. Until he gets himself lost in the world of opposites and a smooth cockroach tells him he can only go home after he has found three things that are not reversed.

That’s what he did along staying in that strange world. The story is a reminder to the parents on how to teach their children a proper way of wearing clothes, shoes, slippers or any facilities at home or outside their house. It’s also a way for the children to learn obedience to their parents because it’s for their benefit to look good and proper, and also to use things appropriately.

2.      Ang pambihirang sombrero (An amazing hat) Story and Illustrations by Jose Miguel Tejido

“Mia was fond of collecting unusual thing.” That’s the first line from this story and one day she rummaged through her grandma’s wooden trunk and found a hat. She giddily wore the hat but it’s not enough for her to just look on the mirror to see if it fits her- so she decided to go out and asked different people’s opinion. They liked Mia’s hat, but they want more out of it, so what they did was to give her various things then put it on Mia’s hat. Before going home, everyone find out something unusual from the hat.

I think what made the story worth reading (aside from the colorful and dazzling illustrations) is that it will make the readers, especially the children from 8-9 years old to widen their imaginations and describe things vividly. It also gives a sense of curiosity on what might happen next to each line’s sequence.

3.      Sampung magkakaibigan (Ten Friends) by Kristine Canon and Illustrations by Ruben De Jesus

Friendship can be developed during childhood in school and this is what happened to the characters from this story. The main character here is Karlo, who bullied his weak classmates and friends. Later on he found himself alone in the middle of the playground. He was searching for his friends to play with him but no one wanted to.

The reader can either expect if there’s a character development on Karlo’s role or not. For the parents who are going to comprehend this, they can be a role model to their children’s growth, because what they initially see, they followed.

4.      Nag-iiyakang mga bata (Crying children) by Grace Chong  and Illustrations by Beth Parrocha Doctolero

The story went on when Teo volunteered to take care of the children at the Day Care Center. He thought being a volunteer teacher was an easy job. But- “Waahhh! Waahhh! Waahhh!” All the children started crying. The conflict stirred up when all his strategies failed in calming the crying children.

 The questions such as will the students calm down or not will arise upon the readers. If he did then what was his strategy?

The moral lesson from this story is that sometimes music can calm down a storm even children’s unsettled emotions.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Let the children READ

Awhile ago, my bestfriend, Meanne treated me for a lunch as her post bday celebration with me. While waiting for her, I’m glad with rich realizations and visions that National bookstore gave me. (Hail to the owner of that store named Socorro Ramos or commonly known as Nanay Coring.) I saw different children’s books with its lowest price of 65pesos. I needed a dose of inspiration before creating a children’s literature. I want to buy as many books as possible (read some of it, make a review, write a summary then give it to random Filipino children). Come to think of it? How many children are no read and write? It’s not a shocking news anyway that Philippines belongs to a 3rd world country. On the otherhand, how many middle class parents decided to buy them toys instead of short storybooks (Accept me for being a geek- but correction a beautiful geek, ok?) I’m talking to parents of 7-11 year old children- who by that age can read any reading materials depending on their level. I believe that letting the children explore their wildest imagination is one of the best gifts that parents can give them. I suddenly recall a storytelling competition from the kids of Lampara Books Philippines  during the 31st Manila International Bookfair that made me fall in love with that organization- meet them here.

I shared to my bestfriend about the children's books and its cause. Like for every one book that'll be sold, 1p will be given to the National bookstore foundation. That discussion led  us on the numerous things that we want to do- yes, our active mind is aware of social change. But social change is an intricate and complex thing- I believe in the power of doing it in a small group, then finding few people who’d be more aware of such cause. Whatever it is.
I want to give books. I want to share the power of reading books.

Then, she shared to me a bookay-Ukay (a little vintage styled bookstore where you can dig in the cheapest or 2nd hand books.) nearby UP Diliman. I’m excited to go there. I promised myself not to indulge myself with material things this season (because I’m wishing that others might give me some..hehe), except for buying books and printing out my short stories. That’ll be the best thing I can do for myself now, I’ve done my part with my family, friends, ministries and others but of course I have to do something good for myself too.

I have to use my core gift properly. Believe me, it produces magic! :)

Pass it on, because the language of heaven can be best heard by giving what you have all the way. ;)
There maybe one, two or 3 kids- who's ready to join Dora in exploring the world.

Friday, December 16, 2011

We owned the night

The strums of the guitar started. The night sensed its difference from the previous one. The sound was followed by the beat of the drums. The fire was heightened fiercely with its ashes sometimes joined the air. Who can resist the beauty of these gypsies' blending voices? They talked to the nature, and the once silence was covered by graceful dances, clapping of hands, playing with tambourines, yelling and chanting songs, turning around to the fire in the middle. The stillness of the sea started to rave as they continued to feel the beat of music.

This stunning woman who was amid the bonfire and music holds her long skirt so that her feet won’t distract her balance. She stepped into the gray sand smoothly, sometimes closing her eyes as the sound takes her into an ecstasy.

She owned the night. It was perfect, no one judges and discriminate them. The beating of drums got harder as their chant grows louder. They attach to their hearts that moment, because that’s the time that they pray, feel the pain then let go- so that they can live for another day again.

The stars were twinkling and helping the bonfire to lighten their own territory.

Some gypsies of her age would dance together with her- and one muscled man looked at her because she made the world stand still.

Tomorrow, they will return to their same routine. They will live again on the same unacceptable beliefs as others think.

But what they don’t know- is that normal people also love to dance. Admire their beauty, stubborness- yet able to know the time to become soft.

Dancing is their soft side- they would probably do it once more.

(Inspired by Lady Antebellum's song, We owned the night- credit for the title must go to that song.)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Healing Break Feast


Yesterday, Fr. Nelson Osorio (OSJ, Oblates of St. Joseph) held a healing mass at the Feast PICC from 1st to 3rd session. According to him, he received the gift of healing during attending an LSS on the year 1992. He’s now giving mass in San Jose Batangas.

On the first part of the homily, he taught us 3 different claps (pizza bun, buko juice and Ang galling-galing ni Lord) for us to remain awake. He shared that it’s his first time in the PICC and he always said that God loves us. He speaks poetically or it’s it’s because of his native language accent (Batangueno). He always brings with him the small replica of St. Joseph and Fr. Osorio told us that St. Joseph’s name was said 14 times in the Bible. He even promotes him; eventhough people would forget his name, but not St. Joseph’s.

He shared us one of his healing mass’ story. On February 15, 2009, He went to Camiguin Island. He didn’t have enough sleep and he only ate 2 pandesals (bread) before initiating the mass. He was hungry and one time he was talking to a man and told him that he’s already hungry, then the woman in front of them blurted out that they prepared some native chicken and then invited to eat with them. His prayer was granted then joined the woman in eating his favorite food. Afterwards, the woman asked him to pray over her neighbor, who’s just few meters away from their house. Fr. Osorio responded, “Ok.” Since his healing mass would start at 3pm and it’s only 1pm. When, he finally landed on the unbeknownst woman named Myrna Suazo, He noticed that her house looks like a slam house and she’s been bed ridden and had a brain tumor for 2 years already. Her husband and children left her with such horrible condition and the reason why she’s alive was because of her prayers to her altar with Mama Mary and Sto. Nino and also her neighbor’s concern.

Fr. Osorio intensely prayed over her, and then he saw how her face turned light. After 2 years of battling from her sickness this woman passed away and her presence marked Fr. Osorio’s heart and soul, and it didn’t stop him to travel all over the Philippines to pray over those who are seriously sick people.

 Fr.Nelson Osorio holding his St. Joseph's small replica

 Upon praying over a boy

Upon praying over a shaking man
 Photos by: Wendell Rupert Alinea
Bro. Bo’s Talk:

He had a short message for each of us before prompting to the Healing session. He asked us this question: Are you ready for a Touch of God? Of course, everyone answered yes. He added that that God is like a mother who readies the food on the table for her children. Our God is perfect father wherein every blessing, miracles and healing that we need are set on the table. He asked us, Why do we need a Healing session right now? It’s not to convince God to heal me, but it’s to convince me to receive His healing. God’s healing is like a rain pouring down. It’ll strengthen us to be faithful, trustful, becomes more open, so that we can be ready for more miracles, blessings and healings.

Afterwards, Fr. Nelson started to annoint our Healing ministry. It’s time for God’s movement and power.

Personal note: Yesterday, the Holy Spirit worked tremendously at PICC. When Father Osorio started to do tongues of Holy Spirit- speaking different languages, singing hymns to the Father, asking the Holy Spirit to fall down and overcome us- the Music ministry continuously sang the worship songs. The congregation started to fall in line. Then Fr. Osorio, the Healing ministry includes, Caring group head, Ministry heads) and the catchers started to pray over those who were in line. It was such a glorious time to see that most people were slain or touched by the Holy Spirit. I observed Fr. Osorio’s action, it was truly miraculous and powerful, his touch, his hymns, his blow. He always said that he was just a mere instrument of God in healing the sick. It’s our faith that heals us. Such a humble servant of the Lord and a special gift from above.
Many were healed and cleansed including me. Praised the Lord!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blithe acquaintance

It's my first time to listen to The Bird and The Bee's songs. Ok, I was raised with a family who loves to listen to Bossa and jazz songs, but it is mixed alternative and pop too.Though, I'm not so familiar with other familiar songs from that genre. Anyway, this musical duo is consisted of Inara George (The Bird) and Greg Kurstin (The Bee). You could visit Mr. Wiki info about them. I could say that their songs are like lullabyes (lemme' sleep now, for I'm listening to their music, Wishes here).

Wishing on the star, wish with all my heart.
Wonder where you are
How do I get close to you and heaven thinks you turn, when we were kept apart

It's like asking me to reopen my childhood fantasies- well it's not hard for the Sanguine in me is always ready to return to my childhood days.:)

Oh, before I forgot. I'm glad to meet this band through this song. Gotta, listen to more of their songs..:)
Inara George (The Bird) and Greg Kurstin (The Bee)

Friday, December 2, 2011

I see the light

I don't know, but the movie Tangled- really inspired me to love lights more. It has something to do on how I see God- He's the light that shine upon me, blessing me and my countenance.:) Here's the line from the song, "I see the light." It was sung during the long time awaiting of Rapunzel to see the lights-flying lanterns (which she sometimes confused as stars). After being locked up in a castle by her Mother Gothel. Finally, Flynn Rider helped her to escape and took an adventure-not just an adventure in itself- But to see the flying lanterns her lost parents traditionally made for their lost princess- Rapunzel. Imagine her looking at those lights with her big and surprised eyes.

And at last I see the light
And it's like the fog has lifted
And at last I see the light
And it's like the sky is new
And it's warm and real and bright
And the world has somehow shifted
All at once everything looks different
Now that I see you

 - Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi