Friday, August 19, 2011

My heart

My heart gives me the best guidance I could possibly get. Oftentimes, it gives me warning what not to do. But mind you, it also lets me fall. So I need to be guarded at times and I can’t do it alone. I need HIM.

‘Guard your heart above all else, for it is the wellspring of life.’ (Proverbs 4:23)

As long as I’m not too busy to listen to HIS voice speaking to my heart, there is a good chance that I will stay away from obsession pitfalls.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Musing with my bestfriend's blog

I thank the Lord, for letting me read my bestfriend's newest blog. Her posts are indeed great,inspiring and cool. Eversince, I admire her writing prowess. She shows the world that she's meant for something fantastic.

May God bless her all the time. I love her.;)

Yehey! She allowed me to post her link:

Read it be and be inspired!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Saturday Move and groove(08.13.11)

Last Saturday, Makati Feast held their 2nd Sabado Move and Groove. I attended Makati Feast twice last Thursday, and my sister was asking me to buy a ticket for the Saturday party(I hesitated at first).

Saturday finally set in and I was preparing the clothes to wear, it's a must to wear something related to the theme, but I decided to wear a casual clothes cause I wanted to dance.

When I got in the Dance studio of Makati Square, I was alone, but then Sis. Jeck told me that there are PICC feasters, so it loosen up my awkward feelings. I was also waiting for Uncle John and Aunt Meda, but they were late cause they went to He Cares Anniversary. Good thing, I saw Sis. Jo and her brother, so we chatted for awhile, until Sis. Mara and Jeck hosted the groovy night.

I was excited at that time and I know everyone did also.

So we had the dinner then after eating, we danced the night out with the music of 60’s to contemporary. We danced for the glory of the Lord, and it was a wholesome party. Everyone was sweating out, so it seemed like an exercise. I was glad to be leading them at times, I was a born dancer, according to my highschool teacher and I started joining dance clubs from highschool to College.

I was also surprised to see my sister, Pao, there, wearing 'pambahay' clothes. lol 

It was a night to remember, because I was able to meet new friends, too.

thriller ba 'to?




 Sis Diana's candid shot

 Makati, PICC and Alabang Feasters

God loves to see us dancing! When we are sad, He can turn it into dancing! We are told to worship Him with dancing! There is a time in life we SHOULD dance! So YES! Dance, dance, dance!

'God turns our mourning into dancing!' (Ps 30:11)

'Praise His name with dancing!' (Ps 149:3)

' There is a time to mourn ... a time to dance!' (Eccles 3:4)

Go, Uncle John!=)

You may watch the video here also:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blind child

I was riding awhile ago in the jeepney. Meanwhile, as I was looking at the other side of the jeep, I can sense that someone was touching my mailman bag. I felt a little terrified. But when I looked at someone beside me, it was a child who was sitting on his grandma’s lap. Then his grandma, asked him not to touch my bag and apologized for his grandson’s action. I said, “It’s ok, maybe he’s just playful.” “He’s blind.” The grandma answered. I was moved by what she said and started asking about the boy’s condition. As we were talking, the 3 year old child continued touching my bag and I allowed him to do so. On the back of my mind, I was praying that he’d live a normal life. And I was grateful that he has a patient grandma who takes care of him.

 I’m still blessed that I live normally. I can’t help to give his grandma any suggestions about his education and she answered calmly and responsibly and it seemed that they’ll do everything for the child.

Then after few minutes of talking and letting the child feeling my bag and my hand, I bid goodbye to the both of them and send a prayer in the air that ‘May God bless them.’

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dad, I dedicate this to you

Ria, a 16 year old girl eagerly plays soccer. It’s their final game between Team diamond, their opponent and Team flash, her unbeatable team.

She ignores her leg and arm ache from a punctilious training, because her riveted eyes are set on the target. The sweat that rolls over her face and shoulders as the sun strikingly touches her equates to the passion she’s exerting to the game. The crowd’s loud cheer is her silver bullet when she kicks the ball and hits the goal.

The strong ‘Hooray!’ from her teammates makes her confident that they would taste the sweet victory. Subconsciously, she smells the delectable roasted chicken that her mom always prepare whether she wins or loses the game.

How terrific life is!’ she tells herself after hitting the final goal. Then her teammates, coach and other supporters run towards her, embrace and carry her as she looks up the sky quite awhile, afterward she hold both her hands and bow down to praise the one who made them victor. Subsequently she asks those who carry her to let her down. She stops. Flashes of memory revisits- younger days that is filled with fun games, friends to laugh with and parents to support her; But when she turned 10, her father met a car accident and was declared dead upon arriving the hospital. Grief surrounded their family and the daddy’s little girl was the most affected one.

After she played soccer at their school ground, her parents would pick her up. Her dad would admiringly tell her, ‘Woah! I saw a junior world-cup. It was a great game, darling.’
Then he’ll slightly bend down and gently kiss her forehead upon reminiscing those pleasant memories- her chest tightens and she outburst into tears as her mom runs and embraces her.

There’s a light in her mom’s eyes and she said, ‘I’m proud of you, dear.’ After a minute of crying and embracing her mom genuinely praise her. She senses that Ria wants to stay there for a jiffy.

People are starting to leave the stadium.

Ria stands alone. ‘Wherever you are dad, this World-cup tournament is for you! I love you.’

The thin air lightly squeezes her and a serene smile was painted on her face.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Takbo para sa Puso (Photoblog)

Takbo Para Sa Puso is a run for a cause for our friend, classmate and sister in Christ, Zairra Engracia. She has a congenital rheumatic heart ailment but it doesn't keep her from doing what normal people can do. This event was organized by her SFC community in Sta. Mesa. Everyone rolled up their sleeves just to make this possible and the proceeds would be given for her operation's finances. I was really glad to be part of it as their Host together with my dear friend, Anthony. This one started with invites in almost all my Fb friends and not just only me, her friends and loved ones did the same.

(Photo c/o : Claudine Claudio)

Me, Pao and Ant went to Quezon Memorial Circle/ Peace Monument at around 4:30 am. Of course we need to study the program flow. There was a minor interruptions 'coz we couldn't find the exact assembly. Fortunately Pet called and fetch us from the Circle's fountain. Then we went to see almost all the runners and we're quite late so someone took over the hosting first. As the SFC's unit head approached me and Ant, she gave us the program proper and gave us about our spiel. She was asking us to give more energy in getting the participant's attention (  I think it's so me coz I'm an attention getter.hehe)

Program Proper

Then that's it. We went up to the approximately 1 1/2 feet tall stage, greeted the participants and organizers, gave to them the mechanics and encourage them to run as fast they can but reminded them of the following things. Basically, we have 2 groups of runners-5k and 3k. Most of my friends and sister, Pao registered for 3k run and I was kinda worried because some of them weren't there yet when we started the countdown for 5k run. On the otherhand, I was assure of one thing, that the one who would get the prize would be the most focus on the goal. So as we say the last 3 numbers, "3,2,1" Every 5k runners started the race.

After 15 minutes, I was glad to see my friends arriving then greeting us, registering on the booth and taking us picture as we acknowledged the events' sponsors.

Anthony and Me (Photo c/o: Claudine Claudio)

The time arrived for the 3k runners to assemble in front of the Starting/Finishing lane. I was glad that my co-host was very spontaneous and vibrant in articulating the mechanics too. Then after gathering every runner, we started the countdown and the runners rushed along the Circles' road. As they enjoyably or competitively run, me and Ant's mouths were also doing the same-yes, we unstoppably speak during the event until the 5k marathoner speedily finished the 1st place for roughly 20 minutes.

Anthony busily talks to people while me engages to project on the cam 
(Photo c/o: Claudine Claudio)

My friends together with their officemates
(Photo c/o: Christopher Montefrio)

Claudine seriously runs
We're not so much informed on how long did the 3k runner, 1st runner up run the race, but I couldn't imagine how my friends took made the race so fun-knowing them..haha

My friends at the finish line

Mr. Pogi, Anthony Valenzuela

Who would stop us from entertaining the people? Noone, except for some intermission numbers.

Thanks, Pocari sweat (ion-energy drink)

from left to rigth: Mon, Claude, Pao and Irene
upstage: me

Basically, picture taking won't cease us in spending quite moment together. I was cheered by them also. Then go back to work.:) The moment also arrived when Zairra gave her witty and quite sentimental message for everyone. I know that it was a gift of grace and miracle of serendipity that it became possible. After that, everyone gave and sang their praises and worship  to the Lord.

The reason why we had this event, Zairra Engracia

Mission accomplished

Time for wacky pose

Jump shot

After the event, we went to Mcdonalds and continue chatting beautiful memories and funny stories.
We're also praying that Zai's condition will be better and the mighty hands of the Lord touches her heart during the operation.

Get lost with the music

God is madly inlove with me. He would make things that could make me happy and awaken my senses. Yesterday, during the receiving of communion, kuya Panggo, our Alto saxophonist had a solo part for the song-which I can’t remember the title. Oh my, it’s so obvious that he was passionate on what he was doing and I’m sure I wasn’t the only who was spellbound with his music. He knows his purpose. It was awakening and soothing to the ears and soul. I wanted to stand up and give him a clap but instead of doing so. I just let myself absorbed his euphony.