Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The human father will scold secretly, but the Divine Father will not scold; He knows that the scolding is no use. He tries to see what is wrong in the aspirant. He sees that darkness is there, ignorance is there, and says, “If I enter into the aspirant with light, the light will chase away the darkness. Then the light will illumine the ignorance and transform it into knowledge and wisdom. This wisdom will make the aspirant feel that he should remain peaceful, calm and quiet and not run into conflict with anybody.” The Divine father accomplished this by pouring light into the aspirant.

Potato salad

“Is grandma there on the living room?” asked the small sister to her big sister.

“I think she’s upstairs now and taking a rest.” hushed the big sister.

“Come on now.” said the small sister eagerly.
“Ok. But don’t be loud, so they won’t hear us.” answered the big sister.

Together they went down silently and vigilantly looking at their living room. They saw the clock’s time and it’s already 9:30 in the evening. Everyone in their big house was upstairs. Their grandma was taking a good rest and their maids were gossiping on their rooms. Then the 2 sisters reached the refrigerator. The big sister opened it while signaling her small sister to keep quiet. Then she opened the crisper, lo and behold, she found the potato salad there. Surely, the two sisters craved for it. But their selfish maids would keep it from them and only their Filipino-Spanish grandma could eat it. With the feasting eyes, the two sisters get few from the bottle the potato salad and put it on their small plastic ware plate. As they started to eat it, they were so hurried to do so. They were like hungry prisoners secretly eating their food.

 “Bang!” They heard it from the door upstairs.

 Hence, they doubled time in eating it, sometimes without chewing and just swallowing it. Then they hurriedly closed the bottle’s cover and immediately returned it to the crisper. They didn’t even drink their water as they heard the footsteps from above. They just even put the small plastic ware plate under the table.

The 2 sisters looked at each other; together they blurted “The heck!”

That’s it! Their grandma slowly went down the stairs and she saw her granddaughters outright, sitting on the kitchen’s table, painted a faint grin to each other. When she finally landed on the floor, she looked at them confusingly and straightforwardly asked, “Have you eaten already? The 2 nervous sisters who were left unmoved and speechless on their seats were wondering if they were caught; Suddenly the big sister saved the courage to answer, “Ah. Not yet grandma. We’re just talking here before getting asleep.” While she was answering it, her grandma opened the fridge’s door and crisper then grabbed the bottled potato salad.

The small sister bit her lips while the big sister observed their grandma’s movement.

Alas’ grandma invited, “Come on, let’s eat!”

           Upon hearing it, the 2 overwhelmed sisters get 3 small plates from their dishwasher and placed it on the table. Then grandma opened the bottled potato salad and all it’s freshness oxidized as they served each other the salad.

           They happily eat together which they rarely did before. It may look a small dinner, but in their hearts it was a great one. They sometimes have chitchat, the big sister was telling her antic jokes and the small sister’s giggle made their grandma realized what she missed out. Without noticing the time spent, the potato salad was already on their stomach, but the memory would last forever.

Gazing upon the cross

One lady seriously listened to her preacher’s teaching. She was amazed by the power of his words. It touched her heart and consciousness as her eyes and ears were set on the preacher. One man beside her noticed the glow in her eyes. He was wondering how focus this lady was. Though he already knew and saw how this lady grew up on her faith. As her faith grew-she also learned to outgrew her special feelings for this man beside her. What remained between the two of them were three important things that they both held in their hearts: Friendship, acceptance and respect-that made both of them shine and outstand in front of the cross.

Praising hands

A tall English man was swaying his body while lifting both his hands on the air as the music played with a combination of the singers melting voices and full band. If someone may look at him behind, others may think that he’s crazy. For crying out loud, who would do it? What adds up to a funny thing is that this man was doing it along with his wife. Oh come on! Both of them look crazy. Indeed, crazy and rocking in worshipping the one who’s crazy for them too. So, the next time you would look at them, for sure you’d do the same. Or perhaps you’d do more than what they do and give.


Alas’ she’s free-free from her cluttered emotions, begrudged attitude, corrupted mind, black silhouettes and mischievous voices of her troubled past.

She’s now more on sailing on a smooth ocean, appreciating the blue skies, feeling the warmth of sunlight, playing guitar combining her melodious voice and running swiftly with her flying kite.

There were times when she’d look back on her past-memories flashed back randomly. For kindness’ sake the midnight trembles she once had from her black crows and snakes nightmares vanished in the light. That light opened one memorable day-when she finally and firmly said, “It’s over!”

Friday, May 27, 2011

Let go of it

And we know that in all things God work for good
To those who love him and are called according
to his purpose.
(Romans 8:28)

What does letting go of your dream mean? You’re not letting go of the desire. You’re not letting go of the expectation. You’re letting go of your attachment to it.

For example, you pray, “Lord, this is what I desire. I need a house. I’ve been renting all these years. I believe you’re going to give me a house. I’m declaring that I’m going to have a house. And I’m going to act on it. I’m going to save money and try to learn more. But at the end of the day, Lord, I surrender my attachment to it, because whether or not it happens, I’m going to be a happy person.”

That’s what I mean by letting go.

Your happiness doesn’t rest on that event, or person, or the fulfillment of what you’ve been praying for.

Even if it doesn’t happen, you’re happy. God is with you and you have the greatest treasure. That’s what it means to “let go.”

One reason why we need to let go is that sometimes we outgrow our dreams.

There are dreams in your life that you think are important. But a few years from now, they will not be important anymore.

As you grow and mature, your dreams mature with you.

I have many dreams that didn’t come true because they were not connected to my soul. If your dreams are connected to your soul, they come with superb energy, passion and endurance.

I know some who wanted a jaguar and huge mansion. He got rich and he also met the Lord. Today, even if he could afford a jaguar and a mansion, he doesn’t buy them. He says, “I no longer desire them. I’ve come to know the Lord and now I want to fund the Kingdom of God.” His dreams have changed.

Let go and believe that the best is yet to come.

When you are aware of the wonderful things that are happening in your life and are grateful for them, guess what happens? You are ready to receive more miracles.

Friends, flex your muscles and be ready to work on your miracles.

(Source: Kerygma, January 2011 edition)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Miracles- Bo Sanchez

Written: 10-03-10
The Feast PICC

I just realized that Bro. Bo Sanchez is very passionate in preaching.

According to him, faith-filled action is necessary for creating miracles. God won’t do for you what you can do for yourself.

There are 2 Ingredients of miracles:

1.    Ask       2. Act

He asked every participant to picture in our mind what we want. We just have to believe that God is with us.
Hebrews 11:1-3 (Hall of Faith)
Faith in Action
 1 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. 2 This is what the ancients were commended for.
 3 By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.
He again asked each participant to believe with these words: “I’m a factory of miracles. But sometimes it’s sleepy or lazy. I need to produce it in a whole capacity.”
He also made his son, Francis as an example for what he’s pointing out.
He also told us about Anointing of Ease by Joel Osteen ( this needs more research) and told us about DIVINE INTERRUPTIONS.
He also told us that people come and go, which I truly believe. That’s why while the world is still not fading; I’d show my love for the people loving me.
Another thing that he pointed out was about the World’s renowned singers for being effortless. Example: Michael Jordan’s slum dunk wherein he coined the term, “in the zone.” Wherein there’s a flow of abundance and miracles surrounding him.
How happy and blessed Feast made me, my family and my close friends. I will always include in my prayer, that I’ll make more disciples for LOJ (Light of Jesus Family).

Empty vessel

Forest are said to be a sanctuary of wild animals, chirping crickets, idle grasses and empty vessel. Yes, empty vessel. For a hundreds of years, this mysterious vessel was hidden and seated in the heart of this abandoned forest. Travelers from different races and nations desire this vessel. It is said to heal sickness, regenerate youth, and defense against enemies.

An old soldier with a white beard and thick moustache wearing his red and blue dirty uniform gasped this alas’, 

“Aha!” “I could fin’lly ventured this place alone. I could have it now.”

His wrinkled face equates to the number of years of service in a far-away kingdom. He rarely thinks of himself for he decided to offer it to his masters. One gloomy day, he felt a need to have his own family. For living in solitude life in his age meant survival for another lonely battle. So he sufficed his need through being a father to the kingdom’s servant’s daughter. Along taking care of her, suddenly everyone in the kingdom find out that she was sick. So as the lonely and worried soldier and keeping the story of an empty vessel as his mighty sword, went along the trip alone.
Meanwhile, a deep sigh was also given by a muddy with ruthless faced, middle-aged pirate. He was traveling on the sea all his life. His sturdy walk depicted a sign of fierceness he had. But it’s only seen in the outside, for he had an inner turmoil about his long suffering heart ailment.

In the heart of the forest was a glowing and golden empty vessel.. Surrounding it were the travelers who died upon grasping it. Some died out of tiresome. Some died  amidst the fight over the vicious creatures living there.

When the pirate saw the vessel, he run directly to it and his eyes feasted on its superficial beauty. He came first though along the way his sickness assailed, yet he ignored it and continued walking.
“Aaahh.. pain won’t cease me in getting this.” said the pirate to himself. His sweats were like pearls on his forehead. He was catching his breath. His palms were cold and a little shaking.

Then, the old soldier entered the place, face to face he saw the pirate with his suffering looked. There was an air of stinginess between these two eager men. There was a need to compete over the vessel. One man with a big fist and great stamina could win. Ironically, both of them are physically weak at the moment. But the truth was the vessel’s strength comes from a person’s faith.

Who would get healed? Was it the soldier’s servant’s daughter or the pirate’s sickness?

As they looked at the vessel, all the fierceness and eagerness to get their selfish ambitions melt down. It has a power to soften a heart of stone, to cleanse a malicious mind, to empty a heart of worries, lust and envy.  

The two men’s defenses were surrendered. No more swords, conflicts. Because the vessel absorbed everything until it became one in gold, glow and power.

A mystique smoke came out from the vessel and surrounded both of their worries. It washed away all of it. The secret was faith and humility. After the peculiar fortunate happened the soldier went home with faith that the servant’s daughter will get healed. While the pirate’s spirit was awed with the divine happenings in his heart and mind.

Both are saved.
Both are secured.
Both are one with the empty vessel.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On being a child


Today, I met a new great friend, who knew me right away,
‘Twas funny how she understood all I want to say
She listened to my problems
 We talked about love and life
She listened to my dreams
She’d been there, too, it seems
I never once felt judged by her
She knew just how I felt
She seemed to just accept me
And all the problems I’d been dealt
She didn’t interrupt me
Or need to have her say
She listened very patiently
And didn’t go away
I wanted her to understand
How much this meant to me
But as I went to hug her
Something startled me
I put my arms infront of me
And went to pull her nearer
And realized that my new bestfriend
Was nothing but a mirror.

( letter from my highschool bestfriend)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

When Searching Harry Met Happy Sally

"Everyone seems busy today." gasped a handsome and slendered figure Harry to a stranger named Ludy. Then Ludy answered unhesitantly, "Yes, they're putting up an enrichment training for the kids."

Along the children's genuine laughter, the nervousness written on their parents faces and the staffs' hands on guidance to the kids, there goes Sally, who was outstanding among the crowd. She puts a happy face in dealing with the parents and the kids. She was extending her lovely arms to a young boy who initially asked her to play with him. Hers was a world of explosive laughter and cranky yet clever jokes. Though, she can be sometimes considered as an ADHD, most importantly she found passion in what she's doing.

Then Harry elbowed and whispered to Ludy. " I want to know that girl with a beautiful smile." Then Ludy said to him, " I think you find happiness in my bestfriend's personality. Come with me, I'll let you know each other." Then Harry's eyes sparkled as he approach Sally's busy yet down-to-earth lifestyle.

You Keep on Pursuing Me

I was watching my footsteps before getting into the Happiest place on Earth, Feast. My eyes looked directly on the trees' green leaves while the calm wind touched my face. Then, I heard a voice deep within me. I ceased on focusing on my surroundings and decided to listen to my heart. Your gentle voice whispered, " I would pursue you forever. I'll never stop loving you. I'm yours and your mine."Those words melted me for I truly believe on that promise. Hence, I continue walking gracefully, sharing eagerly that promise especially to those who deeply believe.=)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Deserving Respect and love

The world is a reflection of us. When we hate ourselves, there’s a possibility that we can hate everybody else. When we love being who we are, the rest of the world is wonderful.

If you see yourself as a financial winner, you will be prosperous.

We create our own quality of life, based on our own happy self-image. Being egoistical and having a self-love are complete opposites. On the otherhand, a healthy self-love enables us to respect our own wishes as well as the wishes of others. It means we can feel proud of our achievements without needing to broadcast them, it means we can feel proud of our achievements without needing to broadcast them, it means we can accept our shortcomings while striving to improve ourselves.


Decide that good health is your birthright and that you deserve to be healthy. Above all, be gentle on yourself. Accept and love yourself wherever you are right now and acknowledge that even up until now you have been living the life the best you know.


1.     I’m “always healthy” pattern.
2.     “Always in the right place at the right time” pattern.
3.     “Whatever I do, I always end up making money” pattern.
4.     “I trust people and they always treat me well” pattern.
5.     “Whatever I do is always fun and easy” pattern.

(Source: Being Happy by Andrew Matthews)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mean World

I’m definitely aware that a world can be sometimes cruel to you. But believing on the Law of attraction is the best method to still look at the world @ its brightest hue. Planting good and noble thoughts can alter the world surrounding you.

Anyway, I have a list here of my petpeeves. Actually, I consider myself as a nice person. But mind you sometimes being nice can be maltreated too. So I decided to list here IMPORTANT REMINDER FOR MYSELF.

Things that can offend me:
1.     Neglecting me.
2.     Telling me these words: “I’m no good.”
3.     Looking at me as if I pissed her/his day.
4.     Keeps on comparing and comparing.
5.     Leave me hanging.

Things to do when I get offended:
1.     Say it to the person who offended me, especially if she/he is a friend.
2.     Ask what’s the problem?
3.     If the offenders keep on doing it, Keep the distance.
4.     If I’m not hypersensitive @ the moment. FORGIVE IMMEDIATELY.
5.     Displease without being displeasing. (as MK said)
6.     Count the blessings. Remain POSITIVE. =)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Heaven and Hell- The real difference

A man spoke with the Lord about heaven and hell. The Lord said to the man, “Come, I will show you hell.” They entered a room where a group of people sat around a huge pot of stew. Everyone was desperate and starving. Each held a spoon that reached the pot, but each spoon had a handle that’s longer than their own arm and it could not be used to get the stew into their own mouths.

The suffering was terrible.

“Come, now I will show you heaven,” the Lord said after awhile. They entered another room, identical to the first- the group of people, the pot of stew, and the same long-handled spoons. But there, everyone was happy and well-nourished.

“I don’t understand,: said the man. “Why are they happy here when they were miserable in the other room but everything was alike?

The Lord smiled and said, “Ah, it’s simple, here they have learned to feed each other.”

Footnote: Sis. Dey from SFC-Pandacan gave this letter to me

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Season of Fall (Learnings from Bro. Bo's talk)

-      Season of reckoning.
-      What you’ve planted in your teens, you will harvest it on your fall.

-      The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.
(Galatians 6:8)

-      It’s as simple as people will reap what they sow.

-      My body is a garden. I should be taking care of it. I should eat healthy food, like fruits and vegetables.

-      He told a sad story about a man, who abandoned his wife and kids 20 years ago. When he decided to return to them, he’s trying his best to reconcile but it’s difficult and painful.

    17 Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. 18 Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. 19 In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life.
  (1 Timothy 6:17-19)

-      He also added that we shouldn’t depend on the blessings but on the BLESSER instead. The One who richly supplies with all things to enjoy. God has given all things to enjoy, that’s why we must enjoy the harvest of blessings.

“I will tell the kindnesses of the Lord. Proclaim the Blesser.” (Isaiah 63:7)

God pampered Bro. Bo and so to us. There’s a sad reality that some people around us won’t like it when we are blessed. We shouldn’t impose our choice to anyone. A real friend is happy when you’re blessed. If they’re unhappy, then we should change our friends.

How to enjoy life?

1.    Savor Life- Don’t rush

Greek time:
a.    Chrono- Chronological time (8:45)
b.    Kairos- special now, moment you’re aware, expand for being aware.

2.    Simplify pleasures- There’s a difference between being rich and feeling rich. Feeling rich is an emotional state that you’re very blessed financially, emotionally, socially and physically.

3.    Strengthen your relationship- Learn how to understand.

4.    Increase your gratitude

5.    Share your generosity

Monday, May 16, 2011

My 7th birthday

7 years is a perfect year. Well it comes from a biblical teaching about the seven days of CREATION.
But when my 7th birthday came,typhoon Rosing hit Manila. I was watching the raging wind
made the roof outside thrown and flown away. There was no electricity all over our
 place,the only light that illuminated our house was my big 7 candle.

 It was a perfect DISASTER as I was thinking wayback then.

I even went outside to buy my cake with my mom and I remember holding
her and asking her to hug me because it was really cold outside.
When I went home, my legs was muddy and I had to clean it inside
the washroom. Then my aunt asked me to prepare myself because we had to
eat and celebrate(?)then. I
 remembered singing a less enthusiastic "Happy birthday" song. I blew my candle's light, so apparently we have to light up a real candle to enlighten our house.
I ate my cake with an uncomfortable feeling. I can't remember if I cried. But I was aware that I was sad. My family was there but I can't invite any other friends.

That's how it was, gloomy, of course. But who hadn't share any sad moments? I'm sure. Everyone does. And this is mine.:(

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Still Loved

As Susan Forward says, “There is no contradiction between being a loving, giving woman, taking care of yourself and acting in your own best interests. The most wonderful gift that you can give yourself and any man you become involved with is your sense of self-worth and with it, your expectation of love and good treatment.”

I’ve been single now for almost 7 years. (still holding on for a PERFECT YEAR, but I can let it go if it won't happen.) Sometimes I care much and sometimes not, because I got used to it. (Does it mean, I should be always getting used to it?) Nahh. I know it’ll be scary to get used to it. Of course, I need to get attracted with others too. Well, as of this moment. Noone in particular caught my attention again. Is it because of my traumas in loving someone? Or is it because I just lived in denial for the past few years? Whatever it is.. I’m just living this way, simply because of the TIME THAT I HAVE TO FACE THAT THERE’S NOONE YET. Honestly, I’ve been inlove before with wrong guys. That’s part of the past. Forgiveness works for me and God’s miracle in changing my heart happens in the least I expect.

That’s it. Sometimes my eager sister would want me meet someone or atleast have a date. Yes, I’m open for it. I have to remain open and available so that I could meet him someday.
As far as I remember, I wrote in my journal the negotiable characteristics that I’m looking for a man. I can say, that I’m looking for the best and standard. As my, big brother in the community said. I have to look for someone who’s stronger than me, because I’m already strong. I shouldn’t be trimming down my standards when it comes to looking for a man. Since, this man is very trustworthy and I could find in him what a real man should be. I listened to him. Yes, I love listening to counsels. It saves me. I would be loving to take risks but it should be wisely considered and discerned first.

Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed. (Proverbs 15:22)

But I have my shared of disappointments, worries, fears and bottled up negativities and with those not gorgeous feelings. I shared it with trusted friends. I maybe very loud and open, but I have my privacy too. I don’t want other people to get worried with me at times. But as they open their ears and hearts to me, I know my heart is taken care of. I’m glad I’m also surrounded with it. One close friend told me that the secret to meeting Right man is to pray hard for him. Because only God knows who’s right and not for you.

"Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. (Matthew 18:19)

If someone would ask me if I’m excited to fall in love again? Here’s my answer: Falling in love is as easy as falling out of love. I want to grow in love to someone whom I would get to know first. Yes, friendship, trust, communication and commitment matters. It’s more on working on a relationship and romance would be just part of it. 

For I know, I’m enjoying life. I just write this for the sake of reminding myself that while I’m enjoying I’m also looking for someone somewhere. I’m readying myself too. I don’t want to look clumsy. Even if sometimes I am. Hehe.. I’ll just stay where I am. Loving where I am. Because he could be probably searching for where I am. And if he’s not in the search for where I am. I’ll be moving forward to the promised land and drink the sweet honey that God has prepared for me. I’ll meet the the Lord anytime and anywhere.

I’m still loved.=)

Why do I love green?

1. It reflects my personality as creative, optimistic and active in handling different responsibilities.

2. I inherited from mama, she was the first green zealot.

3. Whenever I wear something green, I caught people's attention. Yes, I'm a self-confessed attention getter. That's just the way I am.

4. It lessen my eye stress, after facing computer for  4 hours of teaching kids online.

5. Nature fascinates me.

6. Someone so close to me once said that if he's going to change the name of green in the dictionary, he would change it into my name. : )

7. It would be the dominant color  for my dream house's garden .

8. Various green hues complement with other good colors like yellow, pink, black, blue and white.

9. My most favorites are sea and turquoise green, there would be changes in my eyes' brightness once I see it.

10. Among all colors, it's interminable. (bias me.)

 11. Obviously, it's fashionable too.

Recalling Trina Paulus' Hope for the flowers

I always have this spontaneous fondness for butterflies, especially yellow and white ones. I remember as a grade school student, I'm interested with "metamorphosis" or a "caterpillar-transformed-into-a-butterfly" thing. As I reminisce my anecdotes for this, lemme' share 2 wonderful experiences about butterflies.

Lola's pure soul

 August 1, 2008

I sat in front of my blue and brown eyed, curly chestnut brown, grayish haired, Spanish- French grandmother, who sat on a mono block chair as my mom put an ointment on her back bedsore. I held both her knees to support her as she faced and felt this overwhelming and terrifying pain. As my mom applied another ointment it equates another lola's affliction. Lola Violet looked up in the ceiling, closed her eyes, without uttering any painful words, just seeing her face's exasperation almost made me asserting my mom to stop it. But at the verge of ceasing her, death did my supposed action.

I diverted my shocked eyes into mama and said, " Ma, tingnan mo si lola." ( "Mom, look at lola.") Lola bowed her head with this yellowish, bluish fluid in her mouth and paled face. As my curiosity grew, I even lifted up her face, sometimes slapping it, assuring myself if this was true. And I'm sure it was. Mama said, " Nakatulog lang sya, dahil wala syang tulog kagabi." ( " She's just sleeping, cause she doesn't have an enough sleep last night." ) There was an air of denial floating in our once loud house.

Until lolo Nitoy decided to put her on her death bed (as for counting, lola was bed ridden for 4 years). As she lied down on her bed. I assumingly looked at lola's lifeless body. Then lolo instantly picked up the phone and hurriedly dialed our doctor's number. He discussed how looked like, telling him that she has no pulse rate anymore. Silence enveloped our house, yearning for lolo's announcement. Until he uttered, " 15 minutes ng patay si Violet." ("Violet is already 15 minutes dead .") I heard Tita Mary's loudest cry, everyone followed, and me putting my calmest and graceful posture over my family's grieve. 

While everyone was having  a commotion with sobbing cries, I went in my room, picked up 25 pesos from my coin purse, got my cellphone and went out to consume a load in texting my friends and relatives. I left our gloomy house with my certain alertness. I walked straight up ahead and then one bright yellow , big sized butterfly flying up and down and circling on our leafy masetas (plants), and it caught my attention for few seconds, then flew vertically into the sky. All my stiffed emotions softened as I realize how beautiful my lola's soul was.

She turned into a yellow  butterfly is my heart's belief.

While walking along our compound, no single tear fell, I was filled with amazement. As I continued walking tears surrounded the corner of my eyes, letting few drops of it to fall.

"Is that a sort of divine intervention?", I asked myself.

If it is so, I'm blessed, for God gave a sign that lola's soul is already in BEST HANDS.

Struggling to catch the bouquet of flowers

 January 25, 2010

It was Ivy's, one of my special friend, wedding. Pressing fast forward to the scene. The emcee at that time asked all the single ladies to stand and and be geared up for this wedding tradition, catching the bride's bouquet. Admittingly, I was one of those who wished to catch it. As I walked along the way, surprisingly one yellow and white butterflies playing around or maybe accompanying my footsteps. Then, my imagination worked parallelly with my heart's desire. I think I was hearing those butterflies telling me that I could catch the bouquet. 

Yes, I was  partly hopeful and almost lunatic lady.
Finally, my beautiful friend and bride enthusiastically threw this whitish, reddish, peachy rolled into a bouquet. Every single women including me and my friends, Sab, Mean and Claud rolled our sleeves up. (Though almost all of us were  wearing sleeveless dress). Unfortunately the bride threw the bouquet at the farthest corner of the earth. And we sighed or maybe solely  me or few of us. 

But since no hands caught the bouquet, no smile painted on one lucky lady and no teasing of "You'll be the next bride." Second attempt was made, this time the bride was both apologetic and reassuring that someone might catch it and secretly glee was in my heart.

This time, I was equipped, same as my expectedly vigilant friend, Sab. Then, "pack!" the bouquet was on the ground and me together with Sab looked on it and struggled to get it. I think, Jake, Sab's beloved boyfriend captured that combating bouquet catching. While Mean and Claud were at the back ,maybe silently betting who could get it. And Madz was busy taking pictures.


I caught the flowers. Whoah! Later on my imagination functioned again, "Were the butterflies right or was I so focused on catching it?" Then I almost jumped for joy.

And, I was luckily (?) teased. (blush. blush.)

  (photo taken by Jake)

Lending one book means getting 2 books

After months of doing all my routines. I met a wonderful friend in our office named, Leah. She has an average lenghty hair with a rounded eyes and face. She has a very sweet and melodic voice and my hunch was right. She's a Christian, God's warrior by her gracefulness. As I kept on sending to all my co -teachers Julianne Tarroja's (Christian, indie and underground artist) songs "Grateful," "Choose to believe" and "Queen in me" in our message popped-out. She always gives her endearing comments. She loves the song and the singer too. Then, I know I would put her close to my heart.

Nevertheless, one of my proudest habit is the exchanging of books, and Leah became my instant customer.

I impulsively lent her one Christian and challenging book and she entrusted me 2 lovely books. One was Trina Paulus' Hope For The Flowers and Philip Yancey's When Life Hurts.

Wow. I lent her one and hers was 2. Whatta very generous lady.

Giddily reading and understanding Hope for the flowers

The main characters from the story were the 2 caterpillars named Stripe and Yellow. Both of them just met at the caterpillars pillar hoping to find out what was there at the top. As they continued climbing and smashing one another together with millions of caterpillars. Yellow blurted out that there must be more than knowing what's on the top, she wants to go down. Stripe wasn't convince so he unstoppably climbed, sometimes ignoring Yellow. Then she was hurt and cried for Stripe's behavior to her. She taught that Stripe was her companion and she taught wrong. Stripe felt guilty and said sorry for her, so he decided to climbed down with Yellow. They both curled into one , so that the smashing caterpillars won't stepped on their body, stomach and eyes. Alas, they were on the ground and took time to look at each other. 

As they walked along the grassy ground. They did the normal routine that they once had before getting into the pillar, like eating the grass, sleeping on the ground but never they realize that they would become couple. They were happy being together, but Stripe a normal hunter was never satisfied, so he looked again at the pillar, began to wander "what 's on the top?"

Yellow became worried again with Stripe's determination, but since she loves and supports Stripe, she lets him feeds his curiosity.

He climbed up again and this time, he's fiercer. While Yellow was left alone, thinking how is stripe doing. Days passed by and Yellow met a caterpillar surrounded with cocoon. She asked the newly acquainted friend what was he doing. And he said he's waiting to become a butterfly. Yellow wandered what's a butterfly and the butterfly wannabe answered. " That's what you're supposed to become." So Yellow is amazed and she told herself that if she has this stuff in becoming a butterfly.

Then Yellow took risk, made a cocoon around her and waited till it's time for her to have wings to fly. And the day came, she turned into a bright and yellow butterfly.She flew high and remembered the Strike at the pillar. She went to see him there while struggling to get on top. Then Yellow finally saw him looked him deeply in his eyes and Stripe felt unworthy of her glance. He remembered the words, "butterfly alone." And he decided to climbed down the pillar.

He didn't bother the commotions from other crawlers. Alas he was down, he did his normal routine, and of course he searched for Yellow. But he failed. Until one night, this familiar creature glanced at him and might be telling him to follow her lead. Then Strike followed. He saw other crawler's cocoon wrapping around him and he imitated.

While Yellow was drinking the flower's nectar and waited for him.

Alas' he became a striped white and black butterfly and the place was surrounded with many butterflies wherein the flowers add another beauty on it.  

The end.

 Lemme tell this story to the world

Right after that, I'm fond of telling this story to anyone who's lending an ears to me. Seeing butterflies along Edsa, taking with friends who love butterflies, reading stories about butterflies, imagining how this beautiful creature made me cry, and recounting my friend's stories about butterflies.

I would spend time in looking at them.