Friday, September 20, 2013

Miracles in the Night

“Sweet dreams, dear!” my mom said after giving me a soft kiss on my forehead.

“Goodnight, Mom!” I answered with my eyes half-closed.

As I was sleeping deeply, I dreamt that I was in the fortress--alone and quiet. I went up the long stairs and I saw a room with a big window.  As I glimpsed outside, I saw how bright the night is. The moon is in the corner. The stars twinkle incessantly. It looks peaceful. I saw the mountains clearly. I can’t believe that I’m seeing a bright night!

I was shaking with awe, until one angel holds her wand and starts to illuminates the sky more.

The next angel holds the planet Saturn effortlessly.

The other angel holds a basket and picks up the petals as she scatters it to the mountains and to the grounds- that scene made me clap, almost wanting to join them.

Some angels are dancing enchantingly. One is holding a ribbon as she swings from left to right.

Their white colored dresses with different colors of laces under their skirts and rounded flowers on their heads add to their charm. Their movement gives life to the dead night.

 One angel went to me and said, “Come and join us."

I joined them and started doing what they're doing.

I was holding an angel's hand after the other.

I sang with them, scattered the petals, and held a big star. I didn't want to return to the boring castle. Though, my heart knew, the daylight will come soon.
Then, the angels started to get blurred, yet I still hear a vanishing whisper saying, “‘til sunrise...”

“Dear, wake up now!" the sunlight touched my skin as my mom opened the curtain and the window.

"It was just a dream," I sadly told myself.

Good thing, mom didn’t hear me mumbled.

"I have something for you," Mom said as she handed me a plain black and boring handkerchief. I just answered thank you and smiled at her. She told me to fix my bed and to go down for my breakfast.

I remained lying on my bed then I started observing the handkerchief with pouting lips,  I turned it front then my eyes grew bigger as I noticed a tiny angel holding a wand with twinkling stars embroidered at the corner of it. 

I joined the angels in my dreams last night and I remember a hush, “‘til sunrise…”

I grinned as I went down for breakfast and to embrace my mom.

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