Thursday, April 10, 2014

Joseph the Dreamer

This may sound personal, but all of us have our own favorite bible character. Mine, aside from Jesus Christ, who was the seed of the woman,  was his almost counterpart in the Old testament, Joseph. In recounting his life during Session 5 at the Feast Bible Study, I don’t know but his life is somehow related to mine. I’m sure a lot of people could relate or even get awed once they piece by piece study Joseph’s life. You may refer to Genesis 37-50.

Jacob/Israel is now the father of twelve songs from whom will come the twelve tribes of Israel. This “account of Jacob” zeroes in on Joseph, who is eleventh son of the firstborn son of his beloved wife Rachel. Like those before him, Joseph is tested. Inspite of dreams indicating that he will rule over his brothers, circumstances are against him for years. “Will you trust God?” is still the question. 

Who would've thought his life can change forever?

Joseph never loses his faith in God, inspite of mistreatment by his brothers, being sold as a slave, unjust accusations, and languishing forgotten in prison. He is honest, hardworking, thoughtful, and courageous. He is humble and gives all credit to God rather than trying to advance himself in the eyes of others. He does not grasp what has been promised but waits patiently for it, trusting that God will do as he has said. Consequently, he rises to the chief position of leadership under Pharoah and is able to bless not only Egypt, but the surrounding countries as well.

After Jacob’s death, his brothers ask forgiveness and offer themselves as slaves. This was Joseph’s reply to them, “As for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good.” (Genesis 50:20). This was a foreshadowing of Bible verse from the New Testament, “All things work for good, to those who love him and those whom he called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28) Joseph had learned through years of patient waiting and through tribulation that God had his hand in their affairs—that whatever things looked like on the outside, God was working it for good. Joseph’s faith gave him eyes to take this eternal perspective on events, while his brothers’ lack of faith and guilt fixed their eyes on temporal.

According to Jeff Cavins, Joseph is the forerunner of Jesus. These are the many parallels, similarities in character, in circumstances, and in what they accomplish.

Both Joseph and Jesus:
* are humble, forgiving, and strong in the face of temptation
* are beloved sons of their fathers
* see beyond the appearance of things and trust in God
* are betrayed and sold for silver
* are wrongly accused
* are brought out of captivity/death to life and glory
* reconcile their brethren to their father
* save the world
* become the source of food and life
* both have a big heart

Joseph blesses the foreign land, Egypt, and other nations by the end of Genesis. It shows that it's another stage in the growth of God's family when the seventy strong family of Jacob stayed there and completed the 12 tribes of Israel.

I keep on believing that dreams do come true, in God's perfect time. :)

Joseph, the real guiding star.


Thursday, April 3, 2014


There was this guy who told me before, “Get a life!”
I actually got choked and didn’t reply.

His words opened my heart and mind into a reality if I’m having a good life or not. To think that this guy came from the same faith community where I belonged before.

In retrospection, I was convinced that I was having a good kind of life. I had a supportive family, intelligent friends, humorous and faithful faith community friends, building houses for the poor, showcasing our talent, getting good grades, having a sort of an influence, had a colorful past and experiences which made me who I am right now. Maybe during that time he was pertaining to me about getting in or diving in a sort of like adventure. Maybe for him, living a comfortable life isn’t enough to say that you’re living a life to the fullest. I think he was being subjective in telling that to me. Anyway, his comment was thought provoking.

So here’s the list to say YES TO A BEAUTIFUL LIFE GOD HAS GIVEN US. A YES TO EVERY SEASON. A RESOUNDING YES TO WHERE WE ARE RIGHT NOW. Some maybe applicable and some may not to you and me. It really depends where we are right now. Say yes:
1.       To be a hero or heroine for someone or a group of people.
2.      To accept someone’s invitation for lunch or dinner.
3.      To sit down, relax, pray, and reflect upon God’s goodness in your life.
4.      To study and deepen your relationship with God.
5.      To sing in a videoke whole heartedly with friends and laugh like you’ve never laughed before.
6.      To write a thank you note to your loved ones.
7.      To hold a hand of your grandparents and whisper to them that they’re still beautiful and handsome despite of their age. (I hope I can return to this time while I can do this to my grannies.)
8.      To do scuba diving, mountain climbing, snorkeling, bunjee jumping and shout at the top of your lungs.
9.      To serve in your faith community or even do some mercy missions.
10.   To listen to someone’s story of defeat, victory, joy, upset, dreams and vision.
11.    To build true, deep, and awesome friendship.
12.   To kiss your mom or your dad on their cheek or forehead. (believe me, they’d melt when you do that.)
13.   To invite someone for a cup of coffee or just a chitchat.
14.   To show your care and on being a credible, efficient, and effective employee to your boss.
15.   To promotion and salary increase! J
16.   To be brave enough to stand up for your right and dignity as a person.
17.   To jog, exercise, and do some warm up stretching.
18.   To give a smile to a sad and down-trodden friend or officemate.
19.   To have an awesome photoshoot with friends.
20.  To the man of your dreams.
21.   To motherhood and fatherhood.
22.  To join a band, literary, dance, singing, art or any competition where you can enhance and challenge to the limit your talent.
23.  To open a business and to embrace financial literacy.
24.  To shout to the world you’re the awesomest person in the world. J
25.  To love yourself in the depths of your being.
26.  To believe in the power of your dreams and visions.
27.  To drive a car.
28.  To clean your house, cook a meal, and serve your family.
29.  To joke and play around, make silly face and tap your inner child again. J
30.  To read a novel, self-help book, or even comics. Be well-informed.
31.   To bounce back after reaching your breaking point.
32.  To improve your social skills, and on being charismatic.
33.  To clean as you go.
34.  To develop your good habits. Dress up. Work on your posture.
35.  To paint your future with different color hues.
36.  To never underestimate and downgrade the lowly people.
37.  To return to your old-fashioned values and restore them now.
38.  To confess your weaknesses.
39.  To ride a bike alone or with someone.
40. To fly a kite.

I believe that when we say yes to life, we say yes to Jesus. For that let’s encourage one another to create an awesome life now and as he said, “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34
I think what’s more helpful is to take the time to reflect on our seasons and be deliberately aware of how God is moving in this time of our life. For only then do the seasons become more beautiful, purposeful, fruitful, meaningful, in our eyes.
Oh, lastly, when I see that guy again, and he'll tell me that same comment. I’ll reply in confidence, “I just didn’t get a life. I’m actually embracing it and loving it to the fullest. So I wish you do the same.” Then, I'll put a smile on my face.

Note: That guy I’m pertaining to was just an acquaintance. J
Mind to add some of your yes moments… J You may leave a comment below. Thanks.