Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Seven Days of Color Creation

ANGELO loves to dream about colors painted in the sand, he knows it’s difficult for him to renew the face of the earth, for it has been tainted with dull colors. He has difficulty in defining the exact color he’s about to use. He’ll remain inspired by the Starry night of Vincent van Gogh, Monalisa by Leonardo da Vinci, and Color vase from his mother who painted it for his 7th birthday. Angelo grew up in a family of artists. But he knew that he has to try his luck to follow his lineage footsteps.

For the color of blue sky, he thought it was color a bit grayish and a little blue--- gloomy and melancholic.

For the color of green sea, it was turquoise--- he knows exactly that it’s not to be that way.

In the astronomy of his elementary life, colors have always entered his orbit.

One day, his mother found out his difficulty in combining the complemented colors.

“Sweety, are you sure with you’re doing?” his mom doubts his ability.

“Mom, I just get this color and thought that this is ok,” he’s a little terrified on his mom’s expression.

There were times when he’d look at the image clearly and other times nothing but a field of dots. He became worried because he already registered his name on an annual canvas competition in their school.

On that day, he knew something was wrong, so his mom scheduled a meeting with their doctor. Angelo then mentioned his concern to the doctor and within a few minutes the doctor revealed that his mom was correct. Something wasn’t quite right. He had failed the tests. Angelo took more tests and failed those, too. 

Angelo went home with his mom from the doctor’s office in tears wondering how he was ever going to fulfill his dream of being a fine artist when he couldn’t see all of the nuances of color that most everyone else has the ability to see. 

“This won’t stop me to join the annual painting contest,” he won’t packed up his easel.

Angelo knew he could see color and so was a bit confused with how he could be considered colorblind. But the term colorblind is a bit misleading. The majority of people that are considered colorblind see color. They just don’t see certain colors or the same range of colors as the average person.

But for the color of his dreams, it was vivid, and crystal clear on his mind. It was though everything was perfectly complemented.

The people from the school he’s studying already knew his condition. And he didn’t care much of what others were telling him, all he wanted is to paint the depths of his heart and imagination.

He continued his artwork while his parents were supportive of him. They taught him the properties, principals of color from its value and contrast, warm and cool colors, and also about the color wheel and how it works.

“Oh, this is light," he grabbed its specific color.  "How can I forget its color, as I read and imagined it from the best book ever written?" he puts a grin on his face.

Next, he recalls the beauty of Van Gogh's starry night, and puts the almost same color on his sketch pad.

Then, he grabbed one of his favorite colors, blue, because he has no problem on it. He perfectly chosen the color and started to color the sky.

"Blue sky, someday, I'll reach you! The best mornings and evenings will come on my way and I'll wait on that day."

He continued using blue to cover the sea. "Yes, this was good!" Then he dipped his brush on the water, then on his water color, then pour his love as he color the brown land.

He used different colors, he told himself, "I'm gonna use different colors from yellow, orange, purple, turquoise, peach, mint green, and white and these are for the land producing vegetation--seed bearing plants and trees on the land that fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds."

As Angelo was finished dropping those colors, he quite seemed perplexed. He knew that the next objects he'll color are two of the most important things on his masterpiece-- the sun and the moon.

He went painted the right hue for these objects. Until he finished everything. "Oh, these birds, these creatures in the sea, and every living thing that moves, I'll take care of you," he said flabbergast.

When he was done with it-- he went to his parents and showed it to them, "That was wonderful," both of them exclaimed.

It was abstract though, but since they love their only child, they made him believe that it was beautiful.

Angelo was so excited on the next day, because he'll submit his canvas and when the judges were going to announce the winner.

Yes, Angelo didn't win, but he became known with the wide array of colors he used on his canvas. The judges didn't even notice that he's color blind.

His parents, teachers and classmates went to him and told him that they were proud of him.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I never write this kind of post before...

For the first time in a long time, someone wants to be a superhero for me.

I don't want this to sound dramatic or too mushy.

This man got challenged after I told him that his name is same with the character of the super villain from Despicable Me 2. Then he told me that if he'll treat me to see a movie, will it be ok if he'll become my superhero.

I can't stop laughing. I don't know if I'm falling in love already to him, but the kind of laugh that I expressed was so genuine--it's pure joy!

I asked him why he wants to be a superhero for me. His answer was so simple, because he looks like Henry Cavill and he just want to, asking me again if I agree with him. Out of pity, I agreed with him. hahaha

His steady personality, innocent smile and face, real expression, and being direct yet clever with his intention to me makes me think that maybe this is the time that someone wants to get to know me more.

I didn't expect that he'll notice me. Well, simply because I most of the time talk to him about office-related stuff. (Malay ko bang may ganun na pala sya sa kin?!?)

I'm praying that this is the time. I'm praying for clarity and to remove all the ambivalence. But if not yet, I still thank God for every moment that I'm alive and seeing the beauty and wonders of his creation.