Thursday, December 23, 2010


(photo taken: Mads Calanog
model: Mean Melad)

Glorious is funny.
Glorious needs to handle patiently.
Glorious needs to happen.
Glorious is rearranging of
what is meant to be.
Of what is designed and planned.
I'm in
constant motion of
God's glory,
so no need for me to worry.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Team 8 Christmas presentation

We just had fun on this. Who wouldn't? With our "Where's Waldo costume?" together with our not so memorized steps? This was so hilarious! I love my team! ^ ^

Team 8, rock on!

(photo taken by: Cherrydale Magtrayo)

Cocktail dress=classic beauty

Beauty is relative, but with a cheerful heart and spirit. Beauty equates to happiness. * *

I'm happy to be with these BEAUTIFUL GIRLS..

(photo taken by Cherrydale Magtrayo)

Team 8 teachers with The Jessica..

(photo taken by LJ Manalili)

10 days to go and everyone anticipates Christmas.
Me too, I'm giddily waiting for that day. ^ ^

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wasn't expecting for something

There are times that I feel like doing nothing and just wait for any surprises to happen. Maybe it's part of my passivity over the situation or I just finished most of my responsibilities or I'm just bored and my mind isn't functioning well. Whatever it is??? I think, my concern was heard from above and I was given something to ponder with....

Today, at exactly 3:10pm (Philippine time)/ 4:10pm (Korean time) one of the challenging one on one student that I had bid goodbye to me. I was surprised to hear it, because my schedule shows that she still has 6 more meeting with me. Honestly, I was quite happy to hear it because I would have a time to take a rest unless the management would give me another class. Nevertheless, it's my free time.

So, she requested for us to play any games. So I allowed her to do so. We played guessing games and tic tac toe. It was like a normal day for me.

Well this student named Sam, we usually teased each other. Like, she would tell me that " I'm ugly!" I would respond," You too!"

Last time, she also humorously annoy my bangs! But I wasn't affected with that, she's just a normal teaser student.

Then, today, she was sad to say her byes to me...

While we played Tic tac toe she wrote something on the board:

And I initially replied (after using a print screen shot and uploading it):

She was amazingly looking on this. We exchanged each other's email addresses, we said, " Take care!"
You know what? I'm ready for people coming and going. What I love about it, is that I know that I would leave something on a person's heart and that other person too would affect me too.

I need to move on...^ ^

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

KCON 2010

Last Saturday (November 27), I attended Kerygma Conference (KCON) which was led by a popular preacher, Bro. Bo. Sanchez at PICC. It’s the 30th anniversary of Light of Jesus (LOJ) community and 20th anniversary of Kerygma magazine. This year, KCON with its theme: RESTORATION had 7 different streams ( Youth Restoration, Singles Restoration, Marriage Restoration, Faith Restoration, Inner healing Restoration, Happy celebates Restoration and Single parent Restoration). I was engrossed with the fact that I even based my blog from restoration. You know, I started blogging last September of this year, I’m such an amateur blogger, but I wanted to express myself in writing that I entitled it as “restoredtalent.”  Anyway, I attended the Single Restoration stream and I was grateful for my Feast friend and ex-officemate, Diana who lends me some money to attend this wonderful event. I was also happy to see there Nay Marj and Ate Lei, 2 of my sisters from S.F.C. (Singles For Christ) community and Cara, my ex-officemate too. I assure myself that this will help me and other singles in the town to understand more how to enjoy singleness blissfully.

PICC's lights

I haven’t seen the first talk because, I came in late. But I was glad that before stepped inside the plenary hall, I heard Ms. Rissa Kawpeng Singson’s voice and giving her talk about: WAITING FOR THE ONE. Though I’ve heard it plenty of times, honestly, it’s not overrated to me because; it’s one of the truths in my life. As I sat at the left of the stage and I was looking for Diana (she told me that she reserved a seat for me.) I decided to stay on my seat and will look for Diana after Ms. Rissa’a talk. I heard Ms. Rissa testifying how she waited for so many years for the man God has prepared for her. This line strucked me, when she said that she started to give her life in service for the Lord, when she turned 16 years old, after her long awaited JS Prom and she never stopped. She told us that she met different men in her life, but it never worked out the way she wanted. She’s a tough woman, and nobody dare to ask her out, maybe only few. There were times when she would impatiently rebuke the Lord for not giving her what she prayed for. Then at the age of 33 years old, she met another man and thought that he’s the one, ironically that’s the same age when Jesus died. They enjoyed each other’s company but it never lasted too. And finally she uttered, “This is it. I think I’m called for single blessedness.” There was also a time, when she asked her 2 sisters this question: How would you know if he’s the one? Then each of them answered in a different time and place: You know and you know and you know and you know.

 But she’s confused, for the words that came out from her mind was: I don’t know.
That’s it, she’s not ready maybe.

To cut the long story short. (as I quoted her favorite line on her talk)

(Ms. Rissa's captured photo on the white screen)

 One day, her very determined girl friend asked her to go on a blind date. At first, she resisted but along the way, she never thought that this REJECTED STUFFED BLIND DATE would become a way for her to meet her husband named Randy. That’s it, she met him at the age of 36 years old and got married 2 years after. She has 2 fantastic kids and she owes it for enjoying her singleness to the blast. After meeting Randy and got married to him, she told us that waiting too long is also same with a 5 second delay. I just apprehend now how important it is to be patient and faithful to what God has given us.

There were 3 things that she pointed us from her talk:

1.     Don’t run ahead of God because of impatience or anxiety.

2.     God is generous to give what we need at the moment.
3.     Consult God when making your plans; don’t just give Him His deadlines.

She also shared few bible verses such as story of David’s sin; story of Samuel.. I love the bible verses..: )

Then she ended the talk with an inspirational song together with the Music ministry’s powerful voices and vibrant instruments. Ms. Rissa left me with a copious heart and mind.

D and me
  It’s LUNCH TIME with my friends, Cara and Diana.


I just edited this with a quote because my officemate
inspired me when she told me that I was very creative..hahaha
I was flattered, of course.. So I decided to do one of my favorite
hobby and that is to think of a tagline together with its suitable picture. ^ ^