Friday, June 28, 2013

Why Did She Stop Writing?

MAICA was once her classmates' scriptwriter, novelist, and playwright. Whenever they have a role playing in their English class. She eagerly finished a piece or script without getting worried on her grammar. She was confident with  her writing skills-- from it's technicality to its soul and rhythm.

She joined a Journalism club. She competed in school and even in National writing contest. Her parents, teachers, classmates, and everyone knows her exceptional talent. She remained humble inspite of being an achiever.

Everyone read her well-crafted poem, digested an insightful article that motivates a person to take a change, and fell in love with the dynamic characters that she puts in every time she writes a narrative prompt.

"I want to be an author someday,"  without blinking her eyes whenever someone asked her what she wants to happen in her life.

"Oh, dear, no doubt about it. You're outstanding talent will lead you into that dream," her mom assured her that she can make it.

Most of the happenings in her life were written on the pieces of notebook she has, or it's detailed on her journal. Her secrets were safe with the words inside her mind and the words she never wanted to write.

Suddenly, all the words that she was chasing ever since she was a child, started to diminish. She can't grasped them anymore. The words were shy to show their beauty to her. It's like an old friend leaving her because he has to move to another place and won't return anymore.

Maica doesn't want those friends to leave, but she has no choice, but to let them do the things they want to accomplish with their lives.

She stopped writing, because she became very sad with the lost of good memories. She didn't want to write anymore because she started believing that it has no sense anymore. Words will leave her and she won't them close anymore, so why spending time to weave the words.

Words and her had a gap.

She was in front of her pen and paper, she felt the jitters in her stomach as she began to grab the pen and write on the paper, but she was stucked. Nothing came out from her mind.

She remembers that she has to do something else aside from writing, and that is to do her accounting subject.

Maica didn't take up journalism. She was taking something that her dad wants her to take. Not what she wants but what others want her to do.

There. She stopped writing and she didn't know if she'll return to the one she loves doing before.

She. stopped. writing. And her punctuation marks were misplaced.