Tuesday, April 2, 2013

First, Sour Notes… Then Sweet Music

LOVE IS what makes the world go round. True.

But for me, at times, what makes the world go round is music—from its melody, to its high and low notes, especially in its harmony.

 I distinctly remember the talk series: 3Ts (Time, Treasure and Talent) which, in a gist, advised that we serve God, using our time, treasure, and talent. I’ve been blessed with a good voice. Since I was 8 years old, I’d been a Glee club member in my elementary school, a choir member in highschool, a band singer and member of the Music Ministry of the Youth for Christ in Adamson University. I’ve been invited to be a wedding or birthday singer. Plus I had joined various singing contests. attempted to write songs, too.

So following the 3T teaching, I auditioned to be a member of the Feast PICC Choir in 2010. Simon Santos, the chorus pianist, told me to go to 8th Note studios on Quezon Avenue in Quezon City for the audition. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go because I had work on the day of the audtion. 

A few months after, I heard the Media Ministry was calling for volunteers.  I love to write, so I joined the Ministry.

I love my co-servants who have become my extended family and true friends. I enjoyed my Media work—covering Feast events and writing stories for The Feast bulletin. Yet deep inside me, I still yearned to join the Feast Choir. One time, in one of its Lobby gimmicks, the Creative and Events Group set up a big Wish Ko Lord board and invited Feast attendees to draw a specific dream on the board. I drew my dream of singing for the Lord.

Three years after, Bro. Pong Jimenez, The Feast Choir master, asked me several times to join the Choir. But I told him I already had some obligations in the Media Ministry.

Then, last February, the Music Ministry opened an audition again for singers and instrumentalists. All the music genres played both in my head and my heart as I wondered whether to take another chance to join the Choir. 

The only thing that urged me to go was one word: Believe! I took a leap of faith and auditioned.

But I encountered series of obstacles, like sour notes playing, starting on the day before the audition day. There was blackout in our place, so I spent a sleepless night. The following day, because I didn’t have enough sleep, I felt my voice cracking. I was like, “Oh, God, not this day!”

Still I proceeded to the 8th Note studios on Panay Avenue, Quezon City, for the audition which was scheduled at 7:30 p.m. On the way, I encountered more troubles.  There was a heavy traffic so I decided to take the MRT. But alas, the MRT was not issuing tickets because the trains were delayed.

 I decided to take a bus. But when the time came for me to pay my fare, I realized my coin ourse was missing. It was snatched from my bag! My heart thumped as I told the conductor I was robbed.

I was supposed to meet up with my friend, Candice on Quezon Avenue. She would accompany me to the audition.  So I attempted to call her to let her know my predicament. But whoa, I ran out of load. Good thing my mobile phone had this amenity where you could communicate with someone via your Facebook account—even if you didn’t have enough load. So I was able to get in touch with Candice. She told me to pray ask Mother Mary to intercede for me.  I did. And would you believe, right after I said my Hail Mary, my phone rang. Another friend, Apple, who knew I was going for the audition, was calling me just to say “Goodluck.”

I told her I was running out of load. And Apple, bless her, went to 7-11 store and sent me a P100 worth of load. 

Then when I was about to get off the bus, the conductor did not demand for my fare. He gave me P20 instead. A young woman who heard that I’d been robbed handed me a crisp P50-bill! 

It was already 8p.m when I finally met up with Candice.  I was already 30 minutes late for the audition. Hurriedly we took a tricycle to 8th Note Studios. As I entered the room, I saw the Choir members were there already. And the moment they saw me, they applauded. I never felt so welcomed, so loved! I then auditioned and by God’s grace, I was taken in. Suddenly the sour notes were gone, as sweet music played around me.

It was a rhythm divine as my dreams started to align with my time, my work schedule and my family and friend’s support. I praise the Lord because I’m able to sing for Him at the Feast every Sunday. And the moment I sing with the Choir, I feel the angels above are singing with us—all for God’s glory.

Big chorus team praising our Big God


Press Release on How to Turn Your Passion Into Profit

The Head and the Heart of Business

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