Thursday, September 29, 2011

Red room

After the group discussion, I was invited by Mark to tag along with him in his house. He didn’t invite our classmates, it was solely me. At first, I hesitated but since, it’s his first time to do so; I gave in and went with him. Is this for real, he’s inviting me out?

So I fixed my hair, put a little lipstick and redefine my posture. I have to show him I’m worthy of his invite. As we’re off to his car- he was listening to jazz songs which set me into a good mood. I saw him as he tapped his finger on his steering wheel and he sensed my uncomfortable feeling. So he asked if I wanted to listen into another song. I just nodded. Then, he changed into rock music and those songs made me tap my hands on my lap. He noticed that I like it, so we continued listening to it until we reached his house.

In the front door, I was amazed by the beauty of his white walled house. Inside was a large dining area-full of frames and decorations from different countries. I sensed that my jaw dropped, so I immediately close it- it might lessen my beauty points to him as I thought. He told me that his family was able to produce this house with their sweat and blood. He’s serious in saying the last word. But it didn’t bother me much. I don’t know what made me attracted to Mark-maybe it’s because of his mysterious aura. Yes, he was quite silent-always thinking and wondering, while I’m an observer. Of course, I had a few friends. And he was always alone or with his buddy, James. Though, I heard even before that his family is rich. And those gossips were proven, when I stepped into their house.

‘Would you want some drink, Claire?’ He broke the ice of silence.

‘Yes,please’. I answered awkwardly.

I sat down and speculated why he studied in a State University, though his parents can provide him in a prestigious school. He was too good to be true to stay in our school. It took him in a flash to return with a glass of chilling water.

‘It’s true that you’re really rich. Why did you study in our school?’ I fin’lly got the courage to ask him.

My parents also graduated from that school. They taught me the value to start from low before getting into the top.’ His humility confirmed one thing again, why I was attracted to him.

‘Ahh. I see.’ As my eyes smiled at him.

He stood up for awhile, and then asked me to follow him in his room. That made my sweat turned cold and my hands and legs quite tremble. ‘Why would I go into his room?’ I asked myself. But I kept on following him.

Then, he opened the door and I do it afraid. I was looking inside the room and was shocked on what I saw. The room was filled with blood. I could even hear a single drop of blood on the floor. Sometimes, it’s continuous. I had goosebumps and never thought that this would add up into Mark’s mystery. I saw bodies sliced into two that made me almost vomit, but I stopped. I was looking behind me if Mark was there. But he wasn't. He left me with this kind of morbid show. As I continued walking inside the spewing room, I felt pity with those lifeless bodies. I even wanted to get a thread and needle to play a role of a surgeon and just sew their skins, gave their life back through CPR. But I was helpless.

Then, Mark entered the room looking at me cautiously, almost wanted to say, ‘sshhh.’ I remained composed, though my heart beats so fast. Everything I thought of him vanished and I didn’t notice that he was holding a knife. As he came slowly unto me his knife was now visible, that I wanted to scream. As he was near to me, he blurted out, ‘Oh, sorry! Did I scare you? Then, he suddenly put the knife on one of the tiles and continued saying,’ this is the reason why my parents got rich- this is our butchery area. Don’t you like pigs, do you?’ 

‘Haven’t I told you, that I’m already vegetarian after my mom died from cancer?The sight of these pigs made me almost die.’ Such honesty made Mark got interested to me more.

‘Oh, I didn’t know it. Come on! Tell me more about it.’

We went out the room- but the sights of those pigs still lingered on my mind. He said that he’ll be taking care of that business someday. It made me think, ‘Would I bear such view someday?’ Mark sensed me pondering, so he asked me to go out for a snack. I went with him, still wondering.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Until the waiting becomes over

It’s 2:30 in the afternoon, Joan was looking at herself on the video. She was still waiting for her student to arrive because it’s logging time. She stayed stationary on her chair yet her eyes wandered all over the monitor and her hand was on her mouse sometimes clicking or opening any files but one thing she’s uttering silently that the phone would ring and her student would be absent. Then its 2:33. She sent a message to her boss updating the student’s unpunctualness. She waited also for the reply. Then suddenly a memory hits her. One day, she was alone at the park, while waiting for Mark for a long hour. He didn’t appear on the same time she expected him to come. He seemed to forget the value of time when he’s with her. She started texting and calling him but there was no reply. Her heart ached as he waited for 2 hours to the man of his dreams. She was expecting something good from him, yet he was not into it. She went home counting her steps, looking at the ground because she doesn’t want her mom to see her scarlet eyes and nose.

‘Then, 2:38 appeared. Her student wasn’t there yet. She saw a little depression was painted on her face as she continued marveling to that scene.

I told you, he’s not meant for you. But you’re not listening. He always give you burden. Why not leave him?’ her mom said when they’re both alone in her room.

 ‘I thought, he’d already change after he returned to me and promised that he’ll be more committed.’  She said that while catching her breath for a long time crying.

When will you open your eyes to the truth that he can’t be that you expect him to be?’

‘Please leave me alone first, mom. I know I need time to mull over this and decide what’s the best for me.’

‘Ok, Joan. Hope you’d also change your mind.’

Her mom closed the door and she looked at the scar on her wrist. She recalled the suicide she committed after her 1st break up with Mark. She mourned tremendously in losing him because she almost gave everything to him.

After 8 minutes of recalling her bitter past, her honcho told her to still wait for the student.

‘Another waiting again?’ she gasped to herself. ‘Maybe I could take the long waiting forever. I’ve done this before until I realized that it’s no good of help. Why should I just relax and stop looking at my watch after all everything that I’ve been through with him is over. He’s not with me anymore when he decided to be with his other woman.’

The agony of long waiting arrived on its end- when she finally decided to forget him and move on; there’s a light in her heart, eventhough the scars remain. Her eyes finally set on the time and it’s already 2:55. Her student didn’t attend and she realized that long waiting possibly meant 'in just a snap!'

Monday, September 19, 2011

Captivating God

God, you’ve proven so many wonders in my life. Miracles, that my heart is always expecting. At this time, I’m expecting for it too much, that I didn’t recognize that praying deeply, calling you, searching for you in the depths of my soul is a miracle- because it’s me who choose that miracle. You give me hints. It’s me whom you needed. Not because you want me to be proud, but because, YOU BELIEVE IN ME. You believe in me to introduce you to many people- TO TELL THAT YOU”RE ALIVE! THAT YOUR LOVE IS FREE, OPEN, AMAZING!

You want me, because I love you so much. I love you, because you’re very kind, generous, creative, forgiving. I LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE LOVE. You are YOU! You’re the reason. You’re everything. YOU ARE WONDERFUL!:D


Heroes can be everywhere. They can be beside you, just around the corner, farthest place or in front of you. They deserve a great applaud or a salute as they silently fulfill the desires of their hearts, do it for the greater good, and roll their sleeves up in keeping us safe and better, thus we must learn to pay it forward. Playing hero and taking a role in an adventure is what you and me wants to live. There’s still time to restore the hero in us. We just have to be inspired with people who do their best with their relationship with their family, respective jobs and other people. I have set here 7 fictional or real examples that regularly or often we meet.

I woke up earlier today and said my morning prayer. After doing some of my routines; I felt hungry, so I went outside to buy bread. The woman in front of me greeted me with a genuine smile almost wanted to say, ‘Good morning.’ But I interrupted and said, ‘Can I buy 10 pieces of bread?’ She unhurriedly gets some bread and put it on the small brown paper bag. She quickly does it, as she sensed the hunger painted on my face. I gave her the money, took the bread, and she still has a smile on her face.

It made my day, as I went home eating hot bread with coffee. I thank the baker, as she did her task enthusiastically.

When, I went home. My mom prepared the table together with the plate, cup and utensils so I can eat immediately. I know my mom- she thinks advanced. There may be times, when I disregard her and gets mad at me. But as we’re growing together, I feel her deep love for me always.

I want to tell her, ‘Thank you. I love you. You’re the best.’ (Please do it, too if she’s beside you.)

Next, I was riding a jeepney- I was in a little hurry. I noticed him carefully as he looks at his passengers. He drives with a normal speed, because passengers’ safety is what he’s after. Once the rider gives more than enough, he would give the exact amount of change, unless he forgets.

I admired this jeepney driver, because without him, I can’t attend my work on time.

As I was riding the jeepney, I can’t help to wonder about these great people from the past. They were the people who honed our abilities to be who we are right now. They were our inspiration and guidance. Aside from teaching the subjects, they also taught us good moral conduct.

They were always in front of us, so that we could see the future awaiting for us. The power of their words, created a beautiful reality on our minds. We’re grateful for these teachers.

I always wanted to become a writer, so I looked upon the people who could help me to become one.

I was looking at her from afar, as her mind works again for another story to write on. She was unmoved and just paying attention on the big billboard. Rest assured, she was describing every details embossed there- nonetheless from small to big one. She had an inquisitive mind, and sometimes she’d bore herself in introspection. I just allow her- because that’s how she communicates her inner world into the vast Universe.

Thanks for being a good writer. You don’t know how you bless the world with your words.

In order for me to become a good writer, I need to read and read and read and read. That’s it!
That’s what I always do, whether it’s news, simple short and current events. Part of the current events is our heroes overseas who said to be the new heroes of our generation. They lay golden eggs for the benefit of their families and country. The fruit of their sweat, tears and loneliness would pave way in alleviating their family’s economic status.

I give my salute to our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). They may be far away but their great help are widely known.

On the otherhand, there is also a businessman, who helps people to become better as him. He’s getting a good profit, because he shows a lively interest with his customers. He made them feel important and great. The product or service that he’s selling meets his buyer’s expectations. He values people more than money that’s why it flows abundantly through him. He doesn’t keep it to himself, instead he shared it to his family, ministry and in need.

God knows when to give him double and triple for his generosity and kindness.

Heroes have a name- they are the baker, mother/parents, jeepney driver, teacher, writer, OFW, and Business man. But these are only few of so many heroes living out there. Ask yourself, ‘Am I included with these 7?’ ‘How do I become a hero?’

Create a story about a hero in you. It’s you who can unleash it, anyhow. We’re connected to each other and as we do our job excellently- we’re fulfilling our purpose. The world needs us, so let’s move- HEROES!

May God bless you.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


In a far away, wildlife, there lived a 3 strong eagles. Once they woke up in the morning, they soar rapidly along the surreal sky. The first eagle was ‘Magiting’. He would stretch his wings fiercely in the wind. His feather was gray colored and his eyes looked sharply. The next 2nd eagle was ‘Matipuno’. He is a little smaller than Magiting- and he seemed charming with his whitish color feather. The strength of his smashing wings was motivated whenever he sees Matipuno glides in the sky. But, Matikas was different, the 3rd eagle, who’s strength is leveled with Magiting. It was an everyday habit that they would race swiftly in meeting the sunshine.

No one was left tired. They started it strongly and with confidence that no one can take that intensity. The flock of birds would look upon them admiring them as they spreading their wings and embrace the freshness of the air. They’re simply living in the moment. They were sometimes near to the sun or sometimes keep on going up and down on the wilderness. Some nearby habitants would look upon them with awe on how they aviate lavishly.

They could go wherever but on the forest part- because one gunshot to a poor hunted eagle might cause the blood splurging and the few feathers stringing out to the ground. Terrified is the solely emotion that’d rise among the congregation of eagles.

But Matikas, as hard headed as he is still defied the odds of roaming the foreclosed area. His agility and flexibility would redeemed him from dying, as he always said to himself. One moment, he saw and heard a group of avaricious hunters planning to set a trap in killing eagles as a wide leaves covered him in the daylight. A grin, slightly rouged on his face as he was plotting in his mind, Magiting’s death- destruction of his intense rival. He’s conceiving the ruthless and shameless death of Magiting as he’d fall into the ground with his lifeless body. He indeed slam against the wind his wings and flew directly to the sky.

On the next day, the 3 eagles took a flight as what they normally do. Unbeknown to Magiting and Matipuno’s consciousness. Matikas was chirping loudly. A hunter with his camouflage suit and grayish hat readied his riffle. Their crispy laughter and moustached face painted a sly smile. Yet, they can't easily shoot Matikas, because he flew fast. He needed to create a believable story thatll make his friends accompany him. Meanwhile, Magiting, who’s better in contacting the town people, was concerned with these group of men, too.

Meanwhile, Matipuno was taking a nap in a big tree, Matikas just finish his aviation and unhesitantly wake up Matipuno and said, ‘ You might be surprised with this, but we have go to the forest. I saw a good oil there. Isn’t what you’ve been waiting for.’ As he continued telling it to bewildered Matipuno until he finally he answered,’ I’ll ask Magiting, first. Probably, he’d doubt about it.’ While yawning a little. ‘If he’s our friend, it’ll be ok, after all it’s been 5 years since…...’ Matikas assertively answered and leaving him alone.

Matipuno got worried on how to say this to his friend, whom he trusted the most. He shrugged his beak on the leafy tree, until Magiting came in after roaming around the wild; he wondered why his friend was doing that till he asked,

’ What’s the matter with you?’

‘ Magiting, you know how much as I wanted to take the oil to heal my father’s wound?’

‘Yes, I’m aware of that, but we rarely found it here. We need to go further just to get a single drop of it.’

‘But, I have an idea where to get it now- what I’m afraid of is the risk of getting it.’

Nothing to worry. Then, where can we get those? Let’s hustle. Come on!’

‘To the center of the forest.’

Magiting’s face turned into sadness. He remembered how his father met his fatal death in one gunshot. But as he saw, how Matipuno strived harder, sometimes doubling his effort to find a way on his father healing- with such realization, he said:

‘ Matipuno, ok let’s go tomorrow.’

A genuine smile flashed on Matipuno’s face , meanwhile Matikas was hiding on one of the bushes of trees and heard the whole conversation- that made him grin again.

The day came when the 3 eagles were about to take the flight. As they glided up the sky- one gunshot made the wildlife trembled. Matipuno screamed,

‘ Magiting!!!’ the gray colored eagle fell down.

As he came closely to Magiting, who’s catching his breath. Someone tapped him,

‘It’s not me. It’s Matikas.’

As they unhurriedly let the dying eagle faced them. The laughing hunters were coming, too. The hunter who shot Matikas had a double vision that’s why instead of shooting Magiting, it was Matikas whom he accidentally shot.

Magiting and Matipuno got Matikas and they flew diagonally to the sky. The hunters tried to shoot them, but they failed.

As they reached the land to help Matikas in reviving. A young wildlife veterenary saw them- he was kind and caring man, who’s called to serve the Wild.

He took Matikas, checked it’s impulse then ready himself for an operation. He took care of him for few weeks, until Matikas got healed. As he felt human touch, he grew stronger yet his heart became softer. Sometimes, Magiting and Matipuno would look outside the window and assure if Matikas is already fine.

The doctor noticed the 2 birds, but he allowed them to go. He’s also worried about the illegal hunters from the forest until he found the courage to ask their local government officials to process a law for punishing those illegal hunters. Although it took months to release such law- leastwise, awareness and activism deserves the preservation for these extinct animals.

Matikas got better as the time went by- He realized as he sets up a revenge for his friend, he’s the one who paid the price of destruction.
According to the doctor’s final check-up, he let Matikas join his friends.

When he started slowly stretching out his wings, he sighed,

‘Where are Matipuno and Magiting?’

Then the 2 eagless who were there everyday, went to him, embraced him and said,

‘Don’t do that to yourself again. We’re not enemies. We’re eagles- we’re not supposedly made to leave each other. You need to defeat the enemy in you- so that you can fly high again.’

‘Sorry, I won’t do it again. I want to fly together with you.’

Then the wildlife became fully alive again as the 3 eagles revived the once lost trust and friendship.

The doctor painted a smile on his face while holding an approved paper.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Choose the high throne

An eagle was sitting on a tree resting, doing nothing. A small rabbit saw the eagle and asked him, "Can I also sit like you and do nothing?"

The eagle answered, "Sure , why not."

So the rabbit sat on the ground below the eagle and rested.
All of a sudden, a fox appeared, jumped on the rabbit and ate it.

Friday, September 2, 2011


I was looking at her from afar, as her mind works again for another story to write on. She was unmoved and just paying attention on the big billboard. Rest assured, she was describing every details embossed there- nonetheless from small to big one. She’s used to be like that even during her younger years. She had an inquisitive mind, and sometimes she’d bore herself in retrospecting. One time, I asked her why she was living herself like that? She answered that’s how she is-no one can change her. So I just let her do what she’s doing, as long as she’s not hurting anybody else. I allowed her to escape from her painful past and create something new on it. I didn’t hold her close for she might counter react. I just allow her- because that’s how she communicates her inner world into the vast Universe.