Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wasn't expecting for something

There are times that I feel like doing nothing and just wait for any surprises to happen. Maybe it's part of my passivity over the situation or I just finished most of my responsibilities or I'm just bored and my mind isn't functioning well. Whatever it is??? I think, my concern was heard from above and I was given something to ponder with....

Today, at exactly 3:10pm (Philippine time)/ 4:10pm (Korean time) one of the challenging one on one student that I had bid goodbye to me. I was surprised to hear it, because my schedule shows that she still has 6 more meeting with me. Honestly, I was quite happy to hear it because I would have a time to take a rest unless the management would give me another class. Nevertheless, it's my free time.

So, she requested for us to play any games. So I allowed her to do so. We played guessing games and tic tac toe. It was like a normal day for me.

Well this student named Sam, we usually teased each other. Like, she would tell me that " I'm ugly!" I would respond," You too!"

Last time, she also humorously annoy my bangs! But I wasn't affected with that, she's just a normal teaser student.

Then, today, she was sad to say her byes to me...

While we played Tic tac toe she wrote something on the board:

And I initially replied (after using a print screen shot and uploading it):

She was amazingly looking on this. We exchanged each other's email addresses, we said, " Take care!"
You know what? I'm ready for people coming and going. What I love about it, is that I know that I would leave something on a person's heart and that other person too would affect me too.

I need to move on...^ ^

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