Monday, October 14, 2013

Y.O.L.O.—You Only Live Once

The YOLO sign

The Shine Bright Like a Diamond pose

The Crazy Bibo Kids

The steadfast servants

I SERVED LAST SATURDAY in L.O.J. Singles Ministry’s Live Life Recollection and it’s a privilege for me to serve with the most awesome peorsons I know. I’m sooooo grateful with these powerful and steadfast servants and speakers. God truly works through them.  Ate Pat, Ate Beng, Kuya Jayson, Atty. Mark, Kuya Dave, Ate Myee, Ate Apple, and all the servants are truly inspiring people. I’m sooooo glad also to sing and worship the Lord with Kia, Lara, Regie, Rexie, Bro. Migs, Bro. Didoy and Kuya Pier. Trivia: Bro. George Gabriel shared on his book, LOVE life about his phenomenal percussionist friend, and guess who is it? Yes, it’s the amazing Kuya Pier!  :)

 My heart sings this song now: 

You have made me glad and I’ll say of the Lord, you are my shield, my strength, my portion, deliverer, my shelter, strong tower, my very present help in time of need. 

I enjoy the totality of the preparation. God placed each servant in the battle where they’re able to fight a good fight and celebrate his goodness through our batchmates (Bibo Kids) and also the other batches.

It feels good to roam around the ballroom hall just to talk, laugh, selfie pic with friends, eat our food during the set time, enjoy the fun antics and math-symbols- dance -steps of our remarkable host, Ate Mayi, and affirm the Valle Verde staffs and tech team. ;) During the first sharing part, Ate Mayi asked all the servants and participants for a short sharing.

Ate Mayi: How are you now after the Love life?

Thus our small group started the sharing:

Sister 1: After the Love life, nagkaroon ako ng lovelife. :)

All of us roar our loudest laugh, applause, and cheer for her! Then it’s my turn, so enthused on her sharing I said.

Me: Wooh, After the Love life, and after ng sharing natin na ito, I’m sure magkakaroon na rin ako ng lovelife! Hahaha

So, same response with the first sharer, a loud-thunder bolt laugh was heard at the Ballroom hall. We’re definitely the loudest sharers. Hahaha

Then, the other sharers, started to claim that they’re going to have their respective lovelives too. Hehehe

I’m sure, after the I Love life, Live life Recollection, Loud Life from Batch 5 reunion, may I suggest a Laugh Life??? :D ;p 

Anyway, Live Life recollection is a fun learning experience, and I never doubt God’s expertise in pouring the miracles, provisions and blessings in that ballroom hall. We just let loose and allowed ourselves to listen and love our inner child, because our God delights his children. :)

I have also shared that my first love language is Words of Affirmation, thus I was excited when Ate Mayi announced this usual yet fun writing activity wherein a paper will be placed at your back and then others can start writing their gratitude towards you or your positive traits that they like about you and vice-versa, so I was saying on my mind, “Game na! Game na! hahaha” 

Here’s what they wrote: 

(Blog ko ‘to, kaya pede kong masulat ang mga bagay na gusto kong balik-balikan sa buhay ko! hihihi)

1.       Good singer.
2.      You are an awesome music nerd! “Sing on!”-- Kia
3.      Thanks, sis for the service in music team. 
4.      We have a good music together.—Pier Asuncion
5.      A admire your voice!- Poma
6.      Perfect singing voice!—Ate Rhoda
7.      Funny Host and music minister! 
8.      Love seeing you sing!
9.      Nice voice!
10.   Thanks for the nice voice!
11.    Good voice, kaw na!!!
12.   Awesome singer, mag-lead ka na!!! Soloist! 
13.   A pretty face with a great voice, and a very pleasing personality!! 
14.   Beautiful voice!
15.   You are nice to watch!
16.   Good Voice!
17.   Very nice voice!
18.   Great singer
19.   Great Leader
20.  Super duper kulit and loving!
21.   Great servant
22.  Charming & beautiful!
23.  Free-spirited
24.  You are a blessing!
25.  Cool and Fun! ASTIG KA!!!-- Gabo
26.  Thank you for the smile and for making me smile always. 
27.  Very beautiful and hardworking.
28.  Gifted, a good and energetic friend! 
29.  GREAT ATE!!! —Camsie
30.  I love you too! -- Champ (hahaha, because I wrote on his paper, I love you, of course as a friend and brad—defensive talaga?!haha)
31.   Pretty! 
32.  Talented. – Doc Aileen
33.  My new friend, very jolly!
34.  Bubbly and talented. Love you, Thina!—Crissie
35.  I love you, friend! 
36.  Loving
37.  Fun and talented
38.  Very, very, very beautiful. 
39.  Lovely Thina! 
40. Awesome servant
41.   Very friendly! 
42.  Sis, you’re so pretty, so I admire you! (sinu kaya ‘to?hahaha)
43.  Super bait na friend! 
44. Pretty!
45.  Very enthusiastic servant of the Lord! 
46. Very warm and approachable!
47.  Keep serving!
48. Amazing teacher! – Louis
49. Super Fun!!!
50.  Nice eyes & beautiful presence
51.   Friendly servant of God! 
52.  Energetic!
53.  Pretty!
54.  Sooo Pretty! 
55.  Stay beautiful, positive and amazing! – Kuya Didoy!

Thank you Lord for the gift of my presence and of your music through me--- I love Me better! :) Then, it only means I can also love others and most especially you more!!! :D

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