Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 is My Bibo Year! :)

1.       1. GOD'S THE ULTIMATE SOURCE OF MY HAPPINESS- The reason why I'm always perky and bubbly. 

Ms. Perky Little Sunshine
2. MOMENTS OF LOVE- Enjoying every moment spent with my family, friends and loved-ones. 

Me, Mama, Pao, Meanne and Rans

Suria Clan

Such an honor to write something lovely about my bestfriends, Ant and Meanne. :)
Standing from left: Rans and Ant; Sitting from left: Pao, Meanne, Me and Jens

CG with Bibo Kids
The unkaboggable service at PISTARA 2013

I lift my hand to believe again, 
you are my refuge, you are my stre

Last day of service for 2013: Go Red and Green Team! 
Fight til the end! :)

  4. iBLOG. iWRITE- I never stopped writing thru my blogs and it's my 3rd yr to join a Children'sstorywriting contest. hihi 

5. iLOVE WEDDINGS- Praise our fabulous God, for allowing me to be a wedding singer 3x this year, and a wedding reception host last Dec.26 and was booked to coordinate a wedding on Dec. 2014. 

True blue, baby I love you!:)
Angels brought me here...:)
Happy is when I'm with you...
Such a delight to co-host with Direk Paul Sargei

  6. FULL OF LIFE- I've attended Lovelife Batch 4. Had served at Lovelife Batch 5 and LiveLife, and surprisingly became Ms. Dreamgirl at DreamLife. 

LLRB4 Reunion- Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Ang service ko na puros tawa't halakhak! :D

Nauso ang Group selfie!
With my beautiful and handsome brads and sissies!

Serenading all the singles with God's love songs

Shoot! Ms. Dreamgirl! (Meanne said, it's not every day that someone will get that crown---so why not enjoy??!)
Lovely shot with lovely people in the house! Yow!!! :D

7. IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES- I took mini vacay with family and friends in some of the 
beautiful spots in our country.  
BAGUIO!!!!----ang nagpalamig ng ulo ko...Salamat!:)

Kamay ni Hesus- It's a grace to recount all the good things you've done in my life!:)

With Kuya "Mighty Bond" Jab!:)
Our Lady of Grace Mediatrix

8. iFORGIVE- I finally embraced the person who caused me a deep pain this year. 

9. NOVEMBER 03, 2013- So far that was the most memorable bday party I had. BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!! 
Thank you, chorus for making my day the happiest!:)

Akalaing mong magkakatuluyan pala yung 2 sa kaliwa ko!!:)

Surprise!!! GIFTS!!! :D
Photo by Apple Chico

Nang kinuyog nila si Kuya Jab! hahaha

10. I VOLUNTEER AS A TRIBUTE- Volunteered for relief op at Caritas Manila to help the victims of Yolanda and our kababayans in Tacloban, Samar, and diff. parts of Visayas region.

Para sa inyo 'to mga kapatid ko!

Chorus team serving at KCON 2013!:)

11. HEALTH- Praise God, I gained 7lbs from my last yr's body weight. hihi 

12. FINANCIAL LITERACY- I keep on learning and reading books about finances. I also attended financial seminars.

 13. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Time to be with family and to be at HOME. MORE LOVE and GRACES to come for 2014!!! :D

Let Go. Let God. He's the MASTER PLANNER! :) He plans to prosper me, to expand my territory and to reach the highest mountains. I praise HIS NAME!!! :D I can't do all these, without him. He deserves the credit! :D

2 Corinthians 8:7

But just as you excel in everything--in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in your love for us--see that you also excel in this grace of giving.



  1. You were such a busy gal this 2013! Keep it up sis. Love you!

  2. I know right! Si Lord eh, masipag mag-open ng gates for me! Love you too. :)))