Tuesday, April 12, 2011

From a teeny bopper popstar to a matured multi-talented woman. She's now happily married to a man of her dreams, Ryan Adams. I remember during my highschool days, I love singing her songs such as: Crush, Cry,
Candy(woah 3 C's).. I enjoyed listening to her voice together with my close friends during that time.

Her voice was angelic and melodious, especially when she sang, "Only Hope" in the movie, 'A walk to Remember' in the Year 2002, wherein she played Jamie,a woman who loves unconditionally the man named Landon.

 Who wouldn't admire her talent?

I realized that I appreciate her more, because as she grows older, her beauty and talent flourishes.

Recently, she dubbed Rapunzel in the movie, Tangled, which garnered good reviews among movie analysts and critics. As I watched her interviews, she humbly accept recognition from the job well done.

Her voice is her trademark to the world. She used it to bless the world and not to misused a God-given talent.:)

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