Friday, April 22, 2011


How would you know that you’re growing enough as a whole human being? Is it by the amount of opinion that you blurted out to the public and people would be hearing your voice? Letting them know that you’ve grown up intellectually and you can get easily annoyed by the wrongdoings of society? Or is by the number of books you’ve created telling sarcastically how stupid a person is-never growing, always evil especially in the government? Though, I’m aware that some of these greedy politicians were like hungry lions, gulping down the money of THE PEOPLE. Actually, I’m doing this just to sharpen my ability to judge the current situation of our society too. I read my friend’s blog about 1986’s People’s Power Edsa Revolution and I found it very intelligent and realistic. It’s true that we live in a society of greedy people leading our society. Of course, as a citizen of this country, the only thing that I could offer to the society is to join a community wherein I could grow with my values and learn not to cheat other people. With these elected people, the question there is do they have a good counsel about being humane and Godly? Because I definitely believe that no Godly person could do the cheating in his beloved country. We’re in need of a servant-leader who would protect our country from selfishness, graft and corruption, International affairs and economic issues, spiritual indignation, moral decay of society.

As I pray for the current President of the Philippines, President Noynoy Aquino may he resiliently enlighten and motivate the Filipino people to be a better citizen of our country. May his livelihood programs, family planning programs, business programs together with his subordinate will be successful. As, I reflect on my personality too, I know I’m not always doing what a good citizen must be doing at times too. There are flaws and conflict within me too. Rest assured all those governing people are sometimes insufficient too. That’s why I suggest, if they’d undergo more delegations, training, personality enhancement too.

The more counsel a leader gets, the more better decisions will be made for the benefit of HIS PEOPLE.

No more drama, more on pro-actively actions. But I still believe in my countrymen. I believe in the good people of God. As the song goes, "It’s better to light just one little candle what a bright world this would be. "

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