Sunday, June 10, 2012

On Loving Long Walk

Time’s up! 4 o’clock striked! Sometimes pressure at work takes hold on me, so instead it completely eats me up, finding ways to recharge comes out naturally.

I invited a new friend by the name of Princess to grab an ice cream in a nearby Mini Stop. Instead of staying inside and looking around the gondollas with its stare-all-you-can snacks. I decided to go out with her to walk around.

While we’re both loosening up the unseemingly tightness grip of our job, I asked Princess if we could walk longer. There’s an endless joy and giddiness in me when I walk. Whether I’m alone, with someone, or with a group of crazy friends.

It makes me reflect. Reminisce. Laugh--lots of that actually. I can even invite someone to know me, get interested to other person’s life and story too.

I’m loving Ayala Triangle and Greenbelt more as it unveils the beauty of nature.

We almost talk about our family, loved-ones, importance of faith—even trivial things like our fave cartoons to movies. As we cycled those topic, work wasn’t included in the picture. The Task Master in me faded. Did I say faded for a while?

And during those precious time—it’s only me, Princess and the simplicity of life. I’m sure I could walk longer in this life’s adventure believing that friendship is far better than anything else.

Swooosh!!! How time flies. 4:30 ticks! Alright, gonna go back to work but this time with a boost spirit and mind.

Greeny sidewalk

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