Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The fourth phone booth

Do you believe in foreshadowing?

Ok, whether your answer is Yes or No, or you don’t have an idea what it means, I do.

Alright, let’s get in to my point. I want to tell you a story on how I got in my new job. So, for more than  two months, I’m a job hunter and the days in between— a bummer or a freelancer.

I literally see myself as a hunter holding a riffle, ready to hunt an eagle or any animal that I could see in a wild forest, or sometimes getting lost in that unknown place, and praying for a survival against the vicious creatures surrounding that place.

I’ve done researches and applications from jobstreet to walk-in to referral to newspaper ads. I’ve submitted my resume plenty of times.

Whenever I got an invitation for an interview via call or text, I’ m like a giggly teenager, jumping and rolling around because my crush have texted me. I’m done with my teaching experience, so this time I’m targeting to work in my one and only cup of tea- COMMUNICATION. Whether it’s a copywriting/content writing, marketing, advertising and public relations, I swear to be the happiest.

I’ve crazily applied to more than 200 companies and it’s not funny though, especially when my money is tight. Honestly, whenever an Interviewer found out that I had a good credentials, I felt like convincing them that I’m good, and I can be their company’s asset, then I’ll be hired immediately. 

“Congratulations, you’ve got a job offer!” No ifs. No Buts—or so I thought.

However, the word “but” is always included in the picture. My credentials are impressive, but not qualified on their standards. I look confident, but I’m shortlisted. I’m good but not enough. During those times, it made me doubt my capacity. I felt rejected, but since I’m surrounded by God’s Grace, I learn to bounce back. I told myself that they didn’t reject me as who I am, but as what I can give. And I’m grateful to remain wise in separating my character to my capacity. Enough for self-pity and doubt again. So, I continue to hustle and bustle in job hunting and keep on asking…and asking..and asking others for referrals. There’s no room for quitting.

As I persevere, some of my friend will give me a company’s phone number. I will hurriedly go to the PLDT payphone booth near our house. Actually, there are four booths but the last and farthest booth is the only one functioning.

Then, last April, I received a call from one of the companies that I’m dying to work at. The recruitment manager asked me if I’m available to work on their company. Of course, I said yes. So I went to their office immediately, talked about the pre-employment stuff and pay. All I have to do is to wait for the President’s approval about completing my requirements.
I finally sighed with all my hopes to that company. I’m even excited to start on that day. Yet….days and weeks have passed by, I’ve got neither text nor call.

“Oh come on! Am I going to be a bummer?” I disgustingly asked myself.

WAITING is indeed the hardest part and leaving without an option—I give in.

However, during those days of praying deeply and working hard, Tita Chay, our Ministry Editor-in-chief became God’s instrument to regain my trust in my capacity. She gave me a task as an Editorial Assistant on our Feast Bulletin and it feels good at the moment. I know that its part of the ebb and flow before a better job arrives.

Truly, our humorous and creative God listened to my plea. Remember the fourth phone booth? It unexpectedly bridges the gap between my request and dreams. One sister from the same ministry called and interviewed me to work in PLDT as a Marketing Product Admin Assistant. I said yes without a battling of eyelashes. Though, I’ve waited for quite awhile to start— it’s all worth itIt’s now my 2nd week now in the country’s leading Telecommunication Company.

I’m praying for longevity, productivity and success.


  • PLDT stands for Philippine Long Distance Company.
  • Our PLDT landline # before was: 8532323.. (I miss those days when I’ll stay for hours talking over that gray phone.)
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  1. Dahil dyan pa-follow up ako ng DSL Application ko. hahah... Congrats again sis! ♥

  2. hahahahaha... Di pa sa kin yung work na yun eh, sa Prod spec na work yun.;)