Sunday, August 12, 2012

A tale of a Sanguine woman about Habagat

Amidst the recent deluge, Habagat that swamped Metro Manila and its neighboring provinces, we saw the intrinsic humor of Filipino people. This humor, coupled with an en0rmous amount of faith, proved to be the Pinoy’s floater in the swim of life. Happiness is found in the heroism displayed by those who did not think twice to rescue the helpless. In times of trouble, and despite their many differences, Filipinos hold hands and watch each other’s back and display the utmost act of kindness. In moments of need they become one. Every act of kindness automatically brings happiness to the soul.

My tale starts when a continuous heavy rain marsh our house. I came from office and walked along the flooded street of Pandacan. I saw how the flood slowly overflow our bungalow house, starting from the dining area going to our….opppss not there, please--bedroom. I heard the flood saying, no time to listen to your plea. Since, we’re all women in our house (me, my mom and my sister)—adrenaline rush, panic and alarm rolled into one arises our weak selves. So, imagine us rolling our sleeves up like a Macho man ready to put our stuff in a safer place. Good thing, my sister who’s the strongest among all of us, was so determined to save everything to the extent of huddling the water from the floor and putting it in three basins. Actually for almost two days that’s what we’re doing. But last Wednesday, no amount of strong arms can cease the flood’s overflow, even though we’re like practicing for a Dragon boat racing, Nadah-- so we let the flood flow. We compare the struggles that we experience from Ondoy to that night, and I think we’re more prepared and geared up.

I’m just glad that we’re born crazy and happy. We still see humor on our situation. We laugh at our folly while looking at some of the little garbage that we had. We continued watching the news and receive some updates from PAG-ASA. Yes, some of things were wrecked. We slept together frightened if we’d wake up floating in the flood. But hey, by God’s provision we literally woke, still with the flood, in which we could use for washing our face. But with faith, that we’re still alive. Yes, we’ve got bruised, traumatized and exhausted but it didn’t end us living angry with the situation—it made us more alert, braver and more grateful.

Because we’re also flooded with our relatives, friends, LOJ family, Media Ministry friends, officemates’ concerns, prayers and assistance. I know as I’m writing this, some of are brothers and sisters whose situation is worse than us. But I believe that in moments of defeat, like a phoenix rising from its ashes, God’s people will held their head high as they remain magnanimous. They’ll slowly restore what they lost 7 times fold. They’ll be more blessed.


  1. Glad you made it through thins! God is indeed good!

  2. You are a strong woman, Tinay. Surely, many people are inspired by your stories of faith.

  3. @ Meanne- Thanks sis! God will always be God of goodness.:)

    @ thatblindingspotlight-Anhaba ng name. how should I call you? Ok ng tawagin kang Belay? hahaha... Thanks muchie!=)

  4. Hahahaha! OO ok na. I can't stop laughing!!! :D

  5. Hahahaha! I miss you na, seriously.;D