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Tuesday with Apple: Series of Fortunate and Unfortunate Events

Tuesday with Apple:
Series of Fortunate and Unfortunate Events

I wrote this on my journal 2 weeks ago, however, series of errands delayed me in blogging this.
he meeting

Last October 23, me, Pao and Apple decided to meet up in Ayala Triangle, since it’s Apple’s leave and we haven’t seen her for more than a week. What’s that ‘c’ word, clingy? Yes, we’re like that. Hahaha

Anyway, I’m expecting that our Tuesdate will be well, but to my surprise it turned out like a space shuttle ride!

We met Apple at Ayala Triangle aroung 5:10 in the afternoon while she was sitting alone, distant from a guy who did the same. I approached Apple as I left Pao while she fixed her shoes. Apple and I had a little chitchat then immediately went to Pao. Since Pao’s toes were aching, I promised her that we’ll go to PLDT to get my shoes and lend it to her. But before that, we decided to eat first in Jollibee, across Ayala Triangle. While we’re ordering our food, Apple and I kept on chatting while Pao was gorging her eyes on Apple’s pre-birthday gift to her. After the food was served, it was like a mini birthday party because our food were chicken, spaghetti and ice cream. Unknown to us, that sumptuous meal prepared us for a great adventure.

We stayed at Jollibee for almost 2 hours, then we decided to go to PLDT to leave there our stuff and Pao’s shoes. As I got there, I changed my slippers into my bronze high-heeled shoes, so that Pao can use my red slippers. Afterwards, off to SGV bldg beside the office, to meet Ate Joanna, Apple’s close cousin. As she went down to meet us, she seemed amazed to see Apple on that day, because Apple’s schedule at JP Morgan is from 4pm-1am. So we kept on talking and talking. After 15 minutes, Pao comically said, “Let’s go to Makati Pen, our second home.” We laughed altogether, and then Apple excitedly answered, “Game!”

Then, we bid goodbye to Ate Joanna and we started walking and enjoying Ayala as the exquisiteness of its lights guided our way. When we’re already in front of Makati Pen’s entrance, we confidently went upstairs and entered the door to the restaurant which finally led us to the lobby. Then we went to restroom that looks like a hotel room too. The ambience was incomparable. “Let’s go up the 2nd floor,” Pao demanded. When we’re by now at the receiving area, we sat at the sofas as we listened to the orchestra’s night serenade.

ho’s going to check-in?

We’re actually fan of checking in on facebook, so when Pao asked who’s going to check-in. I initiated. After doing it, we read Shem’s status on facebook and got bothered about it, so Apple got her phone promptly and dialed Shem’s number. Apple gave me the phone and let me talk to Shem. Then she answered hello. “Uy, anong anong nangyayari sa’yo?” “What’s happening with you?” I asked her. She answered with a cracking voice and said, “I experienced an intense palpitations and went to the hospital for a chain of test. Friend, I’m so afraid.” I comforted her and told her that everything will be fine. She thanked us for the call, believing that all is well. After the call, we decided to roam around the hotel.
‘Twas dazzling and meant for rich people, but we didn’t care. We walked were the rich people walk—head up high and oozing with confidence. J

It’s past 9 o’clock, so I told Pao that we should get our things in the office before it’s too late. So we returned there and got those. When got outside the office, out of the blue, Apple said, “Thina, I have another version of Gangnam style on my phone, come on and let’s dance.” “Hah, okay!” I answered. We looked for a place where we can make it happen, then tadah, we found the corridor empty , so Apple started playing the song, and I danced it in Thina’s style—oozing with craziness! Hahaha.. What the Fun! J

Then, we settled on strolling along Greenbelt.

pple purchased a Neil Gaiman book

She quickly saw Powerbooks, so she almost swiftly insisted us to get inside the store. We directly went to 2nd floor, then she asked me the book that I like and she’d buy it for herself. So I recommended her to buy a Neil Gaiman’s book.
 After she bought the book, we’re off to anywhere our feet will take us.  Apple unexpectedly place Neil G.’s book in my paper bag. Pao and I wanted Apple to be familiar with Greenbelt, so as we kept on walking along the place, we became so thirsty. We’re so pickle-minded where to drink, so we ended up going to Mcdo and asked for 3 cups of cold water. Woah, after the water touched my mouth as it went down to my throat, I felt so refreshed. Then, we continued our conversation and sipped the water. Chatted and gulped the water. Laughed and slurped the water.

Suddenly, Apple asked me if she can get the book that she bought; hence, I gave it to her right away. She started taking off the plastic cover and had a difficulty smudging the price on the book. Then, she extended her hand and said, “O para sa’yo.” “This is for you.”  “Woah, thank you,” I humbly answered. I almost wanted to kiss her on her forehead. Hahaha… Actually, my event organizer instinct was turned on—so strange to her-- I silently know that she purchased the book for me. I’m used to surprises. Hahaha

Since, we won’t give an order for a meal in Mcdo, we continued chatting and then I asked her to sketch in our bulletin. At first, she was shy but all awhile she did one. As she was sketching me, Pao asked me to accompany her in fitting the red dress, Apple gave.It’s a beautiful and almost a perfect day as I said myself—which comes from our friendship with Apple.

ongs to an old man

Apple didn’t want to go home yet, so she asked us if we could have a videoke at Center Stage along Jupiter Ave or she could drink somewhere. Of course, I chose videoke. So, we chose to walk as we’re heading to Center Stage. I didn’t mind walking even with heels as long as I’m with my friends. We passed by Ayala Triange, but unluckily the lights were off. Well, those lights added flavor to the beauty of Ayala Triangle. Even though it was the scenario, I found Apple still stunned by the Japanese matrushka dolls in of the restaurants there. She’s one of a kind Japanese anime enthusiast.
As we continued walking along Ayala Avenue and we’re nearby Berlitz, Int’l school, an old man suddenly grabbed our attention. Yet, Pao was the first one to move. This old man had a hard time in walking, so Pao went to ask him what happened and I followed my sister. Apple was still a little far-away from him; maybe she wondered why did Pao talk to this old, strange man. Then, Pao started asking him. We found out that he has a wound on his lower right ankle due to complication from diabetes. He was unhesitant to tell his bitter tale about his 14-year old son who died 3 or 4 days ago as he hounded for food but unfortunately he had eaten a wrong food and got poisoned immediately. The old man continued telling my sister how much he hates the world, because as he went to some government officials to ask for financial help, they ended up ignoring him. We asked him where he lives and how much is his fare to get there. He said that he’s from Gen. Trias, Cavite and his fare is P140.00. So we instantly gave him P 150.00 and spaghetti. What bothered us most was when he let us read the message from his 12 year-old daughter telling that they need P 2,000 plus promissory note to pull-out the rotten body of his son from their house. It broke our heart when he said that if he can’t get that amount tomorrow, he’ll risk everything and will plot a hold-up anywhere. We told him to not to do it, but he’s decided. He even asked us to get away from him, since we already know his plan; he might end up doing bad thing to us. So, Pao and I walked away as fast as we could, but Apple remained calm in walking. She’s not scared because knowing the old man’s condition; he’s not capable to do such crime.

As the shadow followed my heels to Center Stage, we’re praying for him. Finally, our feet had landed to center stage at 11p.m. We picked up the songs from Gary V., Alanis Morisette and we realized that every song that we sang was connected to the old man. We sang and we prayed for him. We felt guilty because the series of fortunate events that happened to us was contrary to what the old man experienced.

Though we seemed to enjoy the night, deep down our heart we dedicated our songs to that old man.

 Don’t care, High-Heels

Our benefit concert ended at 1 a.m. so as Apple was ready to pay our bills using her credit card but unfortunately it wasn’t working. She called me over the phone and told me that’s she’s in an ATM  machine and she said that she withdrew only P600.00, our bill was around P900.00 so she asked us for P 300.00, I said ok. She returned to center stage feeling sorry but we told her that was really ok. So, before we pay our bills, we counted first our fare. We counted our lose coins. then tadah--we decided to stay overnight to Apple's aunt. But she said that instead of riding on a jeep or a taxi, we'd walk miles and miles. My feet was aching, but I tolerated the pain as long as I was walking with my friend and sister. 

We landed on Tita Venus' house at past 2 a.m. and we slept there fine.

Tomorrow is another day, but I won't forget that day. :)


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