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When Kim said Yes

I define Romantic comedy or Rom com as a type of movie genre wherein the characters portray not just funny stunts but they creatively, awkwardly and humorously throw their lines. Sometimes the male character will take time proposing to the woman he loves and then the woman will wait in a in-denial state, but would probably feel that somewhere in time, whether funny twists and turns happen—this still lead them in a happy ever after. 
(Sensya na, info overload part ng curriculum eh…hahaha)


f a man loves a woman, he’d do anything even the impossible things for her.

Last Sunday night was one of my most anticipated nights for this year. Finally someone proposed a marriage to….ok, not to me, but to Ate Kim, the hottest-bride-to-be and one of my most special sissies in our Ministry. 

Supposedly, it was her Bridal shower, but we broke the odds and norms that it should only be a lady’s thing, as we invited our brothers from our ministry.

The usual stuff happened from  eating to suprising the bride to be with games, giving of wishes, sending gifts,  and talking about who’s next to get married..  I’ve attended different bridal showers before and mind you all were WHOLESOME with li’l naughtiness as well. And all of them were absolutely amazing.

But this one was different.


te Kim’s bridal shower became a way for Kuya Albert to propose to her.

Yes, these funny and a little bit crazy lovers will get altar-bounded next month. I love to write their lovestory but nothing beats Ate Kim as she will testify her journey in finding the one.

She was clueless that this proposal will take in or maybe she has a hint of it but remained silent about it. Even us, were surprised that Kuya A haven’t proposed to her yet and his reason: he doesn’t know the size of Ate Kim’s ring finger. We could be like, “Hello, Kuya A, one month na lang at kasal nyo na,” but instead of distressing him, Cris, I, and all our connivers saw it as way to make everything special and exceptional.  Ok, genius na rin! Hahaha

She already knew the bridal shower set up since 3 weeks ago. So, after attending the Feast and as our heads engaged in their meeting, I was excited to witness this serendipitous event. Call me romantic, fine! ^_^

Tito Ed patiently drove us to Ate Kim’s condo and then alas’ to  Ate Amor and Kuya Mark’s place at East Raya Gardens. We stayed at the high-end clubhouse for our dinner. Some of us haven’t got the food yet, so Pao, Jan, Cris, Kuya A. and I bought immediately the food. When we were already outside, we saw Ate Angel backrides on her boyfriend’s motor. Pao, Jan, Cris, and I got kilig after catching Ate Angel and her boyfriend’s sweetness. It took us awhile to buy all the viand, dessert and alike, so when we returned to the clubhouse… I was glad to see the 3rd session servants: ACru (Apple Cruda), Kuya Dave, Candice, Jessed and A Cru’s friend, Val. Then, our eyes gorged on the sumptuous meal. We prayed of course first then we started our eating festival. After producing the sound of each of our, “burp,” I readied myself for the surprise game, however, Ate Amor told me that we can use the empty space on their upper unit instead. So, we immediately cleaned our mess and leftovers and packed up our belongings.

Before arriving to that empty space, Cris or Pao (I’m not sure who did it..hehe) blindfolded Ate Kim as Pao guided her going upstairs.  Few minutes passed by before we asked her to remove her blindfold. And then…


ights out, Kuya Dave, the macho dancer in!

Everyone was humming the legendary sound of “tenan tan tan, ten ten ten,” as Kuya Dave started to dirty dance in front of Ate Kim.

I have so much respect to Kuya Dave, but when Cris started convincing him to dirty dance for Ate Kim, he was half ready about it, but he still did. Honestly, nothing changed; I still love and respect Kuya Dave after he did that.. ‘Twas actually fun! 

Everything was well-planned, but there were a lot of bloopers along the way and I love those! I was sure, God laughed terribly at us. Actually, the surprise game was Pinoy Henyo, but later on I changed it into Pinoy Genius, because the guesser and the respondent will solely speak in English. All the words that I used are wedding related.

Little did Ate Kim know that it was a pre-proposal set-up. I was flabbergasted that my friends were all best actors and actresses. 

During the game, Cris was the funniest, because as Pao kept on guessing the word, Cris abruptly revealed, “Gown,” so I disqualified them right away. Hihihi

I planned that only Ate Rhoda and Ate Amor vs. Kuya A. and Ate Kim will be on the 2nd round, and eventually these lovebirds will take it all on the FINAL round.

Kuya A: Person? Animal? Thing?

efore the final round was over, the moment of truth began to set in.

I placed the picture of Mama Mary on Kuya A’s head; I mean the picture of Our Lady of Veritas since I can’t find an exact image of Mama Mary. I used my resourcefulness and wrote in bold letters, “MARY” on the bottom of the picture. Kuya A. started guessing the word and I saw Ate Kim’s confused face, though she kept on answering, “Yes.. No..  Could be,” It almost took a minute after Kuya A said, “Mary,” then with an unsure answer, Ate Kim said, “Yes!” I immediately place the word, “ME!!!” While Ate Kim answered in a shocked and confused face, “Yes!” Then Kuya A. completed the 2 words with, “MARRY ME!” Ate Kim’s face turned blank. Then Kuya A went closer to Ate Kim, held her hand and said in a funny and childlike way, “Marry Me!“ Again, Ate Kim had no reaction yet.

Thanks to Cris' perfect suggestion on the final round's flow. :)

As I was dumdfounded on the scene, Cris blurted out, “Oy, Marthina yung ilaw patayin mo na!” hahaha.. It was so funny and awkward. But, as the lights faded out, the candles were in. Ate Rhoda, Cris, others and I were holding the candles which set us in a serious mode. I was holding the candle close to Ate Kim and she seemed so natural, remained composed and witty while Kuya A. had a little shaky voice and trembling knees. But he was confident on what he was doing and what he was about to say. Then, he had finally knelt down in front of Ate Kim, showed the ring and began to say his proposal lines from the movie, Runaway Bride:

Ate Kim: Hindi kinakaya ng hair ko to!

Look, I guarantee there'll be tough times. I guarantee that at some point, one or both of us is gonna want to get out of this thing. But I also guarantee that if I don't ask you to be mine, I'll regret it for the rest of my life, because I know, in my heart, you're the only one for me.”

One thing I’ve realized… It doesn’t matter how perfect and special the proposal is, what’s essential is, the woman would say, YES! Ate Kim had finally said Yes to Kuya A. Not just because Kuya A perfected the Pinoy Genius game or Ate Kim’s desperate, or everybody coerced her to say it. Moreover, she’s definitely SURE about her answer. She prayed about it every day,  waited for many years, and sweat it out to be who is she is now, same as with Kuya A. God already made them strong before they met each other. Ate Kim is one of the best event organizers I know and she always say this, “God orchestrated everything perfectly.” 

Ate Kim: Ay ito na yun???

She believes that she’ll meet the one for her someday. Actually, she even contracted Cris to be her official photographer, even if she hasn’t met her future husband yet. Talk about strong faith.

As the couple sat together, Pao and I sang them Forevermore by Side-A.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! :)
And then, since, media people love press conference; these two lovebirds were caught in it. A-Cru was the most interested and Tita Chay of course. Afterwards Tita Chay asked us to give them wishes. Everyone prayed for longevity, peace, children, trust and faith to each other; remain as a role model, say kind words to each other. But I loved what Jan said to them, “When you reach 500 years old, I’ll still be your wedding dressmaker. Even on your 25th, 50th and 100th wedding anniversary.” And also Val’s wish, “I pray for your financial abundance,” which I think is what the future marriage partner badly needs someday. Well, God will provide the best things to their marriage.

After that, we went down to Ate Amor’s and Kuya Mark’s room to consume Tintin’s kink 
To the Hottest Bride We Know

Photos by Dave Apalla

Wait for my next blog post next month… It’s:  When Kim said I do.


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