Monday, January 7, 2013

Count my countless blessings

  1. Thank you for my Mom who wakes up early in the morning to prepare my food in the office.
  2. For my beautiful and bubbly sister, Pao. :)
  3. For the work, because I almost accomplished all the pending PR creation.
  4. For the gift of 1,000 Feasts and getting the updates on its improvement.
  5. For my supplier’s invitation of lunch treat tom.
  6. For being healthy and able to see and feel the world.
  7. For the books, The Magic by Rhonda Byrne and Become a better You by Joel Osteen.
  8. For Ate Rhoda’s invitation for me to sing in a beautiful stage. Wohohooo!!!!:D
  9. For Cris’ treat yesterday @ Platto wraps and blizzards in Dairy Queen.
  10. For Tita Rita’s excitement and affirmation that me and Pao have a very beautiful voices. Hihihi and she’s requesting us to sing again. J
  11. For ate Kim’s and Kuya A’s wonderful wedding. :) :) :)
  12. For an affirmation from other people that I’m getting fatter. (waited it for a year! :D)
  13. For somebody's smile. =)
  14. For Kuya Obet’s treat last Friday at World of Chicken, Happy Lemon, Jollibee and Vigil in Sanctuario in Forbes Park . 
  15. For Tintin’s invite if I could sell some of her Lulu’s wardrobe. =)
  16. For Ate Kim’s surprise gift next week. Hihihihi
  17. For the 5 sodexo gcs from Cris, because of that we’re able to buy our groceries yesterday.
  18. For my beautiful bangs. hehehe
  19. For Che’s wonderful personality as I remember Jobelle to her. :)
  20. Alas’ saw Meanne as I gladly gave her my a little long overdue gift.
  21. For the Feast and Feasters yesterday. For seeing Pads, roaming around the lobby hall to greet a Happy New Year to my friends and co-servants. :)
  22. For a wonderful message, Lord, that you’re going to search a place for me where I can shine bright. :) (shine bright like a diamond ang peg.hehe)
  23. For sharing my lunch with KC. ^_^
  24. For sharing my blogsite to Che. :)
  25. For gifts that I unexpectedly received yesterday. :)
Magical Garden


  1. Did I really read my name over there??? :)

  2. Yes, Jobelle. :) Che is almost like you, smart and cool! ;p