Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pages from a Journal

Last day of 2012—whew!

Memory is the diary we all carry about with us.

Ok, this would be a long post but promise; it’s only the summary/highlights of the beautiful, including the painful experiences that happened to me this 2012.

January the 1st
         ·         I wrote a Tagalog short story, Pedal (here) on my blog, very proud on the way it was written. :)
·         One of my bestfriends, Yani got married to her childhood sweetheart, Patrick.
·          Started dreaming to go to Indo-China. 
·          Got busy in attending Wedding expo, Media Min’s fellowship and bday celeb of Tita Chay @ Quezon City Circle Park, first time to go to Bookay Ukay, and observing with family and friends Chinese New Year in Binondo.

February the 2nd
·         Submitted a resignation letter in Enoz. Bye, Bye Teachers! 
·         Joined Pao on her Kerygma Mag’s Photoshoot in Summit Media. 
·         Had fun in Hot Air Balloon Fest @ Clark Field, Angeles City, Pampanga.
·         Went to Camaya Coast, a Residential Resort and an Emerging Vacation Destination in Bataan.

March the 3rd
·         Started searching for a new job. Broke, literally! Haha
·         Was fortunate and honored since Tita Chay asked me to help her in The Feast Bulletin’s presswork.
·         So many crossroad moments.

April the 4th
·          Was pleased and amazed to learn and meet the 40 Feasts, Local and International Missions all over the world.
·         Mega blessed with the 13,000 throng of people gathered in SMX Convention Center for Grand Easter Feast. Happy the whole day, ‘cause afterwards I had an awesome time with Dreamteam friends as we kept on talking, laughing, eating and singing @ the videoke that day.
·         Still continued praying for a job. (Hallucinations became part of me! Hahaha)
·         Finally met my idol, Scott Lee Chua (here)! Yihee! 

May the 5th
·         One of the milestones in developing my core gift occurred last May 6, Sunday when Feast PICC founded by Bro. Bo Sanchez organized a Ministry Fair. 
·         High Five! Got a job in PLDT. J Thanks to Tin and to the 4th phonebooth.

June the 6th
·         Celebrated Ma’s 49th birthday.
·         Dated and celebrated Yani’s birthday by watching Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme. Nyahahaha!
·         Cristeh, got a new and angst lense for her camera! Of course photoshoot galore!

July the 7th
·         Blessed as I found a new friend in the office. Talk about long walks and laughter in the rain.
·         Proud to be Pinay as I watched a superb performance in CCP & Ballet Philippines of Candice Acea, Ballet Philippines’ Principal dancer who won First Price at Helsinki Int’l Ballet Competion, together with Jean March Cordero who won a Special Jury Awards for the Best in Pas de Deuz Technique. Great job!

August the 8th
·         Habagat, go away! Survived Habagat’s wrath.
·         Created a 7th bday party checklist. Though on September, the family changed their mind not to pursue the party anymore. (It’s ok, still got my 20% Dp. Hehehe)
·         Fashioned a draft illustration of my children’s book. (here)
·         Back to presswork! Keep on believing that my blogging and writing will go a long way.

September the 9th
·         Got Braver as I watched Brave! 
·         Started to get busy for the publicity of Kerygma Conference 2012!
·         As usual, Pao’s assistant on her photoshoot with Jessed and Janella. Met Milkshake and fell in love on her fluffiness! ;)

October the 10th
·         Read 3 books in 1 month row! :)
·         Proud with Anthony V. as he’s October cover model on Kerygma Mag.
·         Business for Kerygma Conference heightened!
·         Had a Tuesdate with my super sister, Apple.
·         Finally, had a 6-day vacay at Cam Sur! 

November the 11th
·         Receiving Birthday Gifts. Letters. Messages, friendship, hugs, underground and alternatives artists, family, and serving at the Kerygma Conference. :)
·         More tears, shaking and spiritually challenged.
·         Pao’s, Lolo Nitoy, Kuya Eval, Tita Ann, Ninong Jun’s bday! (Jam-packed family celeb!)
·         Enchanting Lights and Sounds at the Ayala triangle (Panjak! panjak! –Korean for twinkling! twinkling!)
·         Dated 2 of my most favorite girls, Leah and MK! 
·         So many serendipitous events. This is my MONTH! :D

December the 12th
·         Proud of my sister, Pao, since she’s the cover girl for December 2012 Kerygma Magazine. :)
·         Proud also with Meanne’s newest website (here).
·         Kuya A’s marriage proposal to Ate Kim. :)
·         Christmas parties here and there, Family reunion, long vacay, Allowing God’s love to quiet me.
·         Got busy with an unexpected job as a web content writer and online marketer. Thanks, Ke ke Robert (Chinese for older brother, pronounced as kuh-kuh)!

Thank you 2012 for all the beautiful memories, whether good or bad.The best is yet to come!

See you 2013! :)

As God's promised in Jeremiah 29:11: 

“ For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


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  1. You are such a sweet friend thina. Imagine celebrating others' simple victories too. I am blessed to have you around as my bestfriend, next to ant. :D