Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wedding Seminar Career Enhancement 2015

About the speaker

Henry Pascual  is Philippine Premiere Events stylist. He introduced events styling here in the Philippines last 1995. He’s also a floral architect. A graduate of University of Sto. Tomas, and worked in an Advertising company.

He said that it’s his mission to educate Filipinos in marketing wedding in our country. Aside from being a florist, event stylist is a new trend. There’s a big difference on the basic set-up before to the elements that were used in styling wedding nowadays.

1.       Why is there a cloth, gazeebo, and pillar?

Show what’s new. Be a trend setter. Gawin ang bagay na sa tingin mo ay maganda. Wala namang binaril, dahil ating innya ay tama at maganda ang kanyang ginawa. Don’t give up! Fight! Don’t be afraid to evolve.

Also don’t be afraid to invest. Angmahal ng telasa table cloth but you can find a cloth that’s cheap in Divisoria.

*There are ways to create fake flowers with caution and discipline.
*Unpredictable prizes of flowers, especially roses.

Arrangement in backdrop eg:
·         Fake flowers + real leaves
·         Soften it by using fresh fillers like grass mud, fresh Formosa, and binds, para buhay na buhay tingnan.

Try to observe formal and informal balance:
·         Oro, plata, mata (Man, heaven and earth)
·         Don’t lose the softness in your composition

2.       Bat may Japanese lantern, di naman Japanese ang theme?
·         It’s better to use draping + crystals. Just simplify it.

Henry is very demanding. Here are his reminders:

1. He wants to book the venue early.
2.  He believes in fighting for one’s right, kasi he knows that the work is labor intensive, yet very fun. Just enjoy the work.
3. Ingress early.
4. Mas maraming allotted time, mas maganda.
5. Be confident with the detailing of your work.
6. There are fears and worries that should be avoided.
7. Document your instructions, budget well, make sure that you’ll give document and signature from the client.
8. Dapat ma-network na excellent! :D
9. Be confident with your portfolio.
10. Don’t forget to compute kung magkano ang mawawala sa pera mo.
11. Matutong maghagilap sa Divisoria.
12. You can recycle the materials, but it’s a mortal sin to use it again, transform it in a different style.
13. Proper lighting is important.
14. Don’t tolerate your client, instead educate them.
15. Don’t be stingy. Be generous. TRANSFORM.
16. You can never go wrong with white and neutral.
17. Be mindful of klepto guests (unti unting itatago ang mga materials and stuff mo lalo na pag nacutan at naaliw).
18. Balanced the texture, colors and elements.
19. Finish and refined your style beautifully.
20. Let’s trust ourselves.
21. Be a certified and true artist.

1.       Classic- Safest theme that couples want.

·         Informal balanced composition
·         It softens the composition’s appearance.
·         There should be a 2x3 execution
·         Purplish and bluish warm, titimplahinang lighting.
·         Tutukanang technician satamangtimpla.

2.       Spring

·         Mejo pale
·         Table cloth should be ironed well.

3.       Vintage vogue- There’s a magic in using doyly paper for this kind of theme.

·         The use of crystal chairs-  top of the line/ Price: P150. 00/ pink and contrast with blue
·         In lobby, there’s an exhibit
·         Best buy: Cube naumiikot with pictures, it’s cool, fun, quirky and young.
·         Picture frame should be coordinated with the theme.
·         He loves to do an extra ordinary cake.
·         He source out materials and find the right person to do it.
·         Fear not.

4.       Neverland- We didn’t see Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinkerbell, and Captain Hook on the theme. It’s with a twist. The challenge is to hide the literal sense.

·         Use crepe paper
·         There’s a flying mermaid on the dance floor.
·         Cake with pixie dust, led, baked acrylic, gold jewel
·         Aral naaraldapatangkulay
·         Try to discover something new on the venue.
·         Use Aster—make it massive and intensed, manicured it well

5.       Winter- It’s only here in the Philippines that winter theme is in demand.
·         Use artificial twigs with real twigs
·         Buy in free market the materials, it’s priceless.


1.       Winter
2.       Vintage/Shabby chic- Rice flower color should be peach, pastel green and ivy
·         Don’t use bright color or even red colored
3.       Game of throne (Medieval and avantegarde)
·         Layering of table cloth
·         Use of snap duds, herns, loose parts ng gate
·         Rustic

Awesome learnings! Wohooo! :D Praise God! :)

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