Saturday, June 25, 2016

She’ll Tell you a Story. And. She’ll Sing it in a Song.

Julianne Tarroja, who first made her mark in the OPM industry in 2007, which her album is in titled, “Grateful.” She wrote mostly about how she perceived the world with wide, unjaded eyes; her experience upon stepping into adulthood; her transitions as a girl to a young lady. Song themes mostly revolved around experiencing things for the first time. First love, first heartbreak, first trial, first failure, first triumph. ‘Grateful’ and ‘Tulak ng Bibig, Kabig ng Dibdib are two of her alluring acoustic pop style and hit singles.

This prolific singer and songwriter, gospel artist unveiled her long-awaited second album, Ashes to Beauty. In an industry where many musicians fear the possibility of being disconnected and unpopular. Julianne has countered culture, taking her time in becoming herself and creating an album that tells an authentic story. It took her five years to create this new album, since she experienced a bad writer’s block for two years, and she wrestled and struggled betrayal of trust, bitterness after being broken hearted. So basically her album, is about her journey of restoration, healing, finding hope, courage, and beauty in the most unexpected places.

I admit, I’m her fan girl. And I’m glad to meet her again at the the Fete de la Musique Acoustic in A Space last Saturday, June 18, as she performed 2 songs from her first album and another 2 songs from her newest album. As the host introduced her, she said that she likes the stage set-up since it’s very intimate, as she can converse to us, her audience, and there’s no spotlight flashing directly on her face. I’ve watched her performed wayback and I actually made her songs as my healing, remedy, and songs of encouragement. She’s a little younger at that time and her voice is groovy, honest, and easy on the ears —and now, her voice had developed with depth, maturity, and conviction.

 I love singers, I love storytellers, and I love writers and she’s a combination of three.

She added that she hopes the album will not only uplift and inspire, but also challenge listeners to take the ashes in their lives and take the things they believe are worthless and hopeless. “You’ll be surprised that if you look closer and you allow your eyes to really be opened, that you’ll find beauty.”

Here she goes, and be blessed... :)

Julianne: I wrote this song while I was driving home deeply sad. The line in that song that said, “I’ve been to places where I couldn’t even see the light of day, and then you came, when I wrote this one. I can’t remember why was I in crisis in that time, and that’s what’s gratefulness does to you, once you choose to see the better side of things then everything else that’s not so great just kinda fades in the background. I hope this speaks to you…


I'm stronger than before
Stronger than I'll ever be
And I raise my eyes to the One
The One who made me see
All what I thought was lost
But now is found
And I'm grateful.

Julianne: Alam nyo yung kasabihan ng mga matatanda na “Tulak ng Bibig, Kabig ng Dibdib.” Di ko maintindihan yung ibig sabihin nun, pero I still use this as the title of my song…

Hindi mo lang alam
Takot lang akong masaktan
Iniingatan lang aking puso
Kung maiibibigay ko lang ang sinasabi mo
Di na sana tayo nagkakaganito
Pasensya ka na kung hanggang dito muna tayo

Julianne: “I knew when we were gonna do this album that I didn’t want this to be about my story. I also wanted this to be about your story, and I hope that this will encourage you to tell your own. I can’t wait to hear your stories. Let’s say a friend telling their story to another friend can bring so much healing and peace to someone else’s life. And I think that’s why I wanted to put this out, ‘cause I believe that telling someone’s story both the one telling it and hearing it, it’s beneficial for both parties, so anyway, I’m gonna sing and let the song speaks for itself. This is basically what happened in 5 years that’s why the album is called Ashes to Beauty. God bless you guys, love you guys so much. Thanks for havin’ me here!

Ashes to Beauty

Will you stand with me as we face this fire?
Let this burning truth
Let it purify
Every part of me and in the end will see that
All of these ashes will be turned to beauty.

Thank you, Julianne for your soul, music, and love. Your music is an instrument of God’s healing and restoration. I fell in love with your music again. It revealed to me the beauty of Jesus through your gift.

If you wanna watch Julianne performed, she’s having her gig every Thursday in The Brewery at the Palace.


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