Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My Own Serendipity Story

THIS IS ANOTHER SERENDIPITOUS EVENT. There are two beautiful things I want to do in my entire life, and that’s to be a lifestyle worshipper and a wedding/kiddie event organizer/singer/host. 

Last March 1st, Feast Bay Area Music Min Vocals were gathered to attend Bro George’s Worship Leading Meeting/Coaching. I wholeheartedly, undividedly listened on his words. I took down notes. I grinded the words he shared in my mind. I basked in his spirit and energy. And I must say, I felt anointed and empowered yet humbled.

Looking back, I remembered that I took a Strengths Finder exam in the office and I found out the Connectedness is my first strength.

According to the test, I can sense that every event is somehow the consequence of a series of actions, reactions, or lack of actions. I can accept that which cannot be fully explained using logic. I can say there are no accidents. I’m confident that things are linked together for a purpose that may or may not be revealed to me. It’s very likely that I hold tightly to my core values. Instinctively, I conclude that my life is more meaningful and I’m happier when I dedicate myself to something of importance to humankind. 

It can be something simple rather than something grand. I can sense my acts of kindness influence individuals to perform good deeds. I’m likely to inspire generosity in many people. By nature, I’m often the instrument in helping my teammates discover how they are linked to one another. I regularly remind them that their successes and failures are a direct result of their ability to work together.

My next strength is a Maximizer.

It defines me as I naturally figure out what makes most people unique or special. By nature, I exhibit a heightened awareness of my talents. One of my top priorities is building upon these natural abilities to create strengths. Instinctively, I realize I can determine what distinguishes each person from every other human being. 

I honor the special, the wondrous, and the rare qualities of people. I intentionally position them to attain ever higher levels of excellence. I can easily view things from someone else’s perspective even when I do not share their opinion. I deal with each individual on a personal level. I instinctively know what someone is feeling, based on the person’s words, deeds, silence, or body gestures.

The third one is being an Arranger.

It’s very likely that I’m acutely aware of how my teammates perceive my abilities. I can sense what they think of me as a person. These insights many times allow me to earn their confidence so I can contribute even more to the group’s success. Because of my strengths, I have been most productive in the past when someone in authority really took an interest in me. I likely to recall instances when they created opportunities for me to use my talents, knowledge, and skills. I often played the role of a teacher, coach, or mentor even when that was not my official title. Having a plan and knowing exactly what are required to do increases my chances of being successful. 

Understandably, I feel quite uncomfortable being assigned to a group that only manages crises, deals with the unexpected, or figures out tactics in the midst of chaos. Driven by my talents, I have a gift for recruiting people to work on tasks and special assignments. I probably know how to match talents to tasks, coordinate activities, and create schedules. Chances are good that I have a strong sense of commitment. It motivates me to make sure that things are carried through to completion even when difficulties arise.

Yes, I’m happy to know that those are my Top 3 strengths.

And I owe it to God who is absolutely faithful on His plan, surprisingly on the following day, March 2nd, I received a text from my friend asking me to coordinate her wedding soon. 

I picked up my planner and started writing the date of her wedding. I know that it will be filled with details on the succeeding months.

I realized that God really likes me despite of my weaknesses, frailties, and limitations; knows me so well, even though I sometimes don’t understand His plan, and looks undoubtedly on my strengths even if there were discouragement in the past.

He’s my ultimate connector, maximizer, and arranger! He connects my every struggles and pain to reach my dreams. He maximizes every intricate and eccentric personality that I have to match with my skills and talents. He arranges my schedule, timing, and preparedness towards my life purpose. 

He asked me to fly! =)

His promise in Romans 8:28, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose,” was revealed to me again!

And I praise His Name now and forever, for I can maximize the use of my 
Pen and Planner! :)

Surprise! Be functional! :)


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