Saturday, September 11, 2010


“Patience is the courage of the conqueror, the strength of man against destiny.” - Edward Bulwer-Lytton

I'm a self-proclaimed OC lady. I played on and on my mind the things that happened for a moment. Let's say I searched essential and interesting news today or I downloaded songs from the pc. I would pressed rewind for the productive time that I had. Simply because I haven't experienced things that I'm grasping and learning now. It's like "learning all you can for the time passes so swiftly."

I sometimes can't help to think how technology is awesome for it compressed time in a single biochip or memory card. Be it on a e-reader (the newest handy mini library from sony), an iphone or laptop.

I'm a technology fan. I may not be too techie, but acquiring it lets you conquer the world.
Its advantages are beyond what an average mind can comprehend. Thanks to Bill Gates(microsoft), Michael Dell (Dell), deceased Jef Raskin (Mac) and those genius behind creating updated computers.

Bill Gates(on the left) Jef Raskin (on the middle) Michael Dell (on the right)

Post modern era (computer runs 93% of the world), the period that we stayed in, or maybe we're now closed to cyberspace stage (I just coined this term, wherein computer runs almost 100% of the world). A world of facebook, skype, twitter and other social sites. A world of businesses, online marketing, teaching.

How can a person go against it if it connects or rekindles relationship, updates latest information or gives a sense of belonging for almost everybody is into it right now?

This is something that's not considerably argumentative. Stated were my 3 validated reasons:

First, computer provides money to those who risk in creating businesses.

Next, it's a way of showcasing one's creativity in arts, through posting a soulful blogs, mixing and arranging nostalgic musics, capturing amazing photos, editing a marvelous videos, etc
Finally, it also bridges cultural and geographical boundaries through oline chatting and teaching.

Technology is now a state of mind and identity. But still it's good to be traditional. Especially to those who aren't aware of this. They need to learn as well the benefits of computer in one's life.

This should be something that others should know. They need to belong. Let's help them to adherent and not to be intimidated with this. A chance to unite with others too.
(The Evolution of man, photo courtesy of Eric John Cuevas)


  1. hey yah!! that was really something... talks about a lot of things,,,heheh a lot of them too long 4 me 2 read..hehe peace..
    ms OC lady!!hehe
    love u thinebelles=)

  2. ang taray ni cara dito ah..
    its amazing how technology(cellphones,computers,internet) can connect people around the globe. The problem lies on how people use technology to ruin relationships and cause problems to the society.(tma ba english ko ateh?)

  3. hehe.... I thought T. Joy would say about how it affects people's appearance..hahah cause I look much better in person... choz!!ahaha
    (wla tlga q mtnong nssvi)

  4. ahahahaha..magandang dahilan din yan, carabells! * *

  5. Hi Tina,
    How are you? This is great!
    Keep up the great work and best wishes;)

  6. Oh my gosh...How did you know that I already have a blog??

    I seriously miss you, bro! ^ ^