Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Social Realist

I'm grateful for I'm alive. Simply accepting who I am.
Resting if I want to.
I learn not to take things personally.

I learn to wait, to move on my turn,
to let other fulfill their dreams,
to be a friend,
to make someone as my friend,
to learn from others,
and to share what I have.

Things work in constant motion.
I don't have to worry, instead
be appreciative of what I have now.

If things don't go perfectly.
All I could say is, " I fail proudly."
Atleast, I could maximize my talent and resources.
Neither self-pity nor fear has no hold of me.

I'm steady. But I could be flexible,
for the world is not solely about me.

Everyone deserves to be applauded too,
especially those who are fulfilling

And someday, if all my dreams would come
true, I'll also hear a never-ending applauses
from people.

I thank you!~ !


  1. Tama! Be yourself.. and you will find out who's real and who's not..

  2. hahahaha...

    I love the flower arrangement of your bouquet..hehe

    akin na lang. ^ ^