Thursday, November 4, 2010

Child's eyes

Oct. 23, 2010

I'm currently sitting with this very bubbly, naughty, hyper-active Korean girl named Jessica. We used to call her "The Jessica" because she always puts "the-article-the" whenever she makes sentences. It's kinda tiring to sit with her, talk with her because she has so many inquiries(woah-whatta functioning brain!).

But I enjoyed being with her. She was plainfully cute and wonderful.

One time, she sweetly and innocently asked me if she could sit down on my lap while I was readying myself for the Demo of new book. I allowed her to do so.

Then she asked me if she truly looked like Sadako. Well, unabashedly her eyeballs were gone and I only see her sclera (happy halloween The Jessica and ENOZ!). Then I told her, "You look like Sadako whenever you do that expression, but when your eyes look normal, you appear like Pucca."  She went on, " Who's Pucca?" Then I set my eyes on the net and searched for pucca's image. Then I enlarged the cute photograph so that she could recognize it. She smiled at me and said, "I look like her?" And I said, " Yes!"

(The Jessica-pucca)

As I was thinking she only needed to hear another set of words, because she was used to hear a lot of teases that she looked like Sadako.

Then she asked me of what she could wear for the Halloween. I ceased for a second and said, "Maybe you could be a ghost!" She said, "Yes, I want too." We want to my station to get some props and voila! I found my websy cotton stuff for my halloween designed background. She said she wanted me to put these things on her dress that she may look like a ghost.

So I was looking forward to glance her on that day.

Press fast forward:
Oct. 31, 2010

The Jessica walked on Enoz' aisle and parading her beautiful self from station to station. I expected more and I was right. I told myself, " I thought you'll be a ghost!"

But apparently she was outshining with her long black dress witchie costume.. That made the rest of us awe to her. : )

(photo taken during the Halloween party in Enoz)

(I love you, pls don't pay a visit with me when I'm alone..~ _ ~)


  1. wooooooooooo!!!! super cute JESSICA!!!!!!!

  2. forever... ansarap maging talent manager eh no?hehe

  3. super duper cutieee... i miss her.. sana araw-araw xa andito sa ENOZ. kaso mukhang di na tyo makakapagtrabaho nun.. haha!Ü

  4. ang cute ni thina!!! hahahahahaha!!

  5. Bat ako na naman, Maria Katherine?hahaha