Monday, November 22, 2010

Harry Potter 7, will be surely missed

Why do I love the friendship among Harry, Ron and Hermione?

I think it’s because they know their PURPOSE as the protagonists in the book adaptation Harry Potter.

Just yesterday, I eagerly watched Harry Potter and the deathly hollows (Part 1) with my fave movie buddy in town, my sister, Pao. Oh my! I was really impressed and my anxiety grew with the dark visual and intense sound effects plus the vigorous and riveting musical compositions and the jaw dropping special effects . Well, this coming of age film never fails to flabbergast me from the first scene wherein Lord Voldemort gathered all his dark forces supporters in which he brutally tortures Professor Charity Burbage (it was a trembling scene for it showed their disloyalty between friends- Professor Burbage and Snape), until the final scene wherein he robbed Dumbledore’s wand for his undoubtedly evil interest. I was dismayed because I was programmed to end the whole scene wherein Harry Potter would finally defeat Voldemort.
But that’s the power of film, it may exudes your temper to wait for the next HP series.

I was really thrilled by the story line and twists. These questions occupied my mind after watching the movie and lemme share this to those who doesn’t watch the film yet. Why does Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) needs to change his wand in killing Harry Potter? Why did Harry(Daniel Radcliffe) turned undesirable in the Wizard’s world? Did Ron (Rupet Grint) got jealous over Harry’s and Hermione’s brilliance (Remember: Ron is sometimes dull headed)? OR it’s because Harry’s and Hermione’s partnership in defeating Voldemort are getting stronger? Who would betray who?

I also love the scene wherein the 3 characters consistently overcome their fears of independency, insecurity and disloyalty. It was such a never-ending struggle between the protagonists and antagonists. Contrary to Hermione's (Emma Watson) concerned nature, she showed fierceness in using her wand to kill the enemies' attacks. Yes, her character was really a hit for me. She depicted her physical and emotional capacity to survive, though we know that she’s a mudblood. Of couse, it’s also a much awaited scene on how Ron would vanquish his fear in helping the damsel in distress, Hermione.

Their friendship was tested. Voldemort, reigned with his vengeance. In the midst of story’s plot of turmoil and disarray, avid Potter readers will find some sense of control as the film revisits quite a few of the “obliviating” and scores of other spells, PolyJuice potions, and magical mirrored objects introduced in Harry’s earlier years at Hogwarts.

Though most of the cinematography exposed visual anxiety, there were also serene and humorous moments among the characters. The audience may find it hilarious too. As for me, I heard a group of high school students most of the time sharing their sighs along with the spectator like us..^_^

Every HP fans would wait for July until we’ll be over with this whole series. I’m not affected much, but I’ll surely miss this grandiose film of all time.


  1. Can't wait to watch this and see if the book is as good as the film. Though I was a bit disappointed with the ending, the journey to get there was really exciting and adventure-filled. Hopefully, I would enjoy the last film installment, too. ^^

  2. I don't really like children's fantasy film, but I think I'll like this because they've already grown here.. taller and HOTTER! :D

  3. hahaha.. what an observation, Shem! Exactly, they gracefully grow up in the movie. ; )

    @ Max- You must watch it..hehe

  4. i stop watching Harry Potter movies coz I'm so disapointed with them. The last Hp I watched was Chamber of Secrets and I made lots of "This isn't in the book!" rant.
    But when I saw the trailer for HP7,I got really psyched up so I decided to give it a try.With all the reviews about this being the best among th HP movies I really cant wait to watch it.Thanks Thina