Friday, November 19, 2010

Declaration of Purity

I don’t know but I have this certain excitement in posting a declaration as serious as this. Most of my Christian friends (whether from SFC or Born Again Christian) would always tell me, “The desire of my heart would be granted.” (Proverbs 10:24)

 I keep on waiting and waiting for the right man to comes along. Yes, I admit that I’m becoming impatient and I admittingly did mistakes in choosing who to love, my intentions in loving the person and I became envious too with those who have a loving partners. It’s been a struggle for me to accept that maybe it’s not yet my turn. The effects on me are sometimes bad. God and some of my trusted friends know what I’ve been through in my LOVELIFE.

But the Good Lord, gave me reasons not to be disappointed for not having THE ONE. He supplied me with His patience and love through the people surrounding me. From the love and support of my family, community, friends, Bible, prayers, trust in me, how I can’t be alone with this battle?

                   “When God made you, He must’ve been thinking about me.”
                                                                       -       Newsong
God is always faithful in making me believe, that there’s someone meant for me. I would always have trust his promise. That’s my heartfelt determination. I’m so proud of my past decisions when it comes to sexual purity. I also learned a lot from the books that I’ve been reading since then. Such as What to do until Love finds you, Joyfully single, How to meet your One true love, Captivating, Bible stories especially Ruth’s and Boaz’s love story, testimonies of True Love waiters and my own experiences too. Nothing can compare to the joy that RIGHT TIMING gives. I would willingly grasp it in my hands, and embrace it till it last.

It's better to know and love the Lord for his kindness first. I've learned to value myself more and be contented with him. I bore an imperfect love for the ONE who make things perfectly. He started to erase my shame and he wanted me to believe for my TRUE BEAUTY.

Though this is inconsistent that every morning I would ask for my Creator's embrace. I'll make sure that I spend a few minutes of my time in having a "3rd place,"- a place between me and my Father. Our connection is just a prayer away. I love what I'm doing.

                  " Oh God is enough for me, nothing else will ever be."
                                      (from the song God is Enough)

 I also saw how my immature and childish ways deceived me before- ahh..there are times, that still I am. I chose the forbidden path at times, but as my Household head before told me. I willingly ask for forgiveness. Repent. And take chances.

So as I made a resolve for all my struggles, I know I'll be tested like Job. But I don't care enough for that, as long as I have my trusted friends and community. Through that resolve, I know I would grow and be mature enough someday. My preacher, Bro. Bo Sanchez once said: Here's a secret mature people know in their hearts even if they don't know it cognitively: Your phyisiology affects your psychology. Your feeling follows your action.

I totally agree on it. If we keep on doing acts of love, we increase our feelings of love.

 I'll stand firm:

I surrender all my hindrances in loving truly, the way love should manifest. It's my heart's desire. BUT waiting for the right man, time and place are the most essential of all. While, you're not yet there, MY MAN. I'll take
time to fly with all the goodness of my heart.


  1. hai thinabelles..
    we have the same dilemma.
    I also believe in true love waits but..waiting is very difficult and painful
    Sometimes i tend to self pity.hehehe
    Pero iniisip ko n lng that this waiting process is also a blessing
    i got to do what i want and have much time in loving and preparing myself for the RIGHT person
    Ive read a book from MK and the title is True love weds.From that book I learned that while waiting for the right guy to come gwin muna nting boyfriend si of now..un n lng ung iniisip ko.hehehe

  2. Very good, JOyie! Alam mo, super nakikita kong ibibigay yun ni Lord sa tin..Syempre tig-isa tayo..hehe.. Basta ienjoy muna natin ang MJIV station!hahaha..I so love it! : )