Monday, May 2, 2011

An exchange

“Pearls are the only jewelry that I have, so I need to take care of this and keep them safe.” said the girl to herself. Then one day her dad asked her, “Daughter, do you love me?” The daughter replied, “Yes, dad!” He smiled and said, “Hence, give me your pearls and I won’t return it to you anymore!” The little girl got mad at her dad and said, “No, I can’t. This is the only treasure that I have. Please don’t take this away from me.”

While the girl was sleeping, her dad got into her room and took the pearls, then kept it into his drawer. When the girl woke up, she kept on searching for her pearls and because of her keenness; she saw it on her dad’s drawer. Since, she had an idea that her dad might get it again and she avoided conflict. She decided to get it everytime her father was sleeping or off the house and then return it to the drawer when he was already awake or staying there. As she was holding the pearls, admiring its beauty and taking good care of it, she didn’t feel any guilt on what she was doing. She was very happy.

Then, one day her dad caught and reprimanded. She got hurt. As the time went by her heart became soft when her dad asked for forgiveness for his valid anger. She understood fin’lly his reasons and let go her pearls with peace in her heart. After few weeks, she celebrated her 12th birthday. Alas’ her dad gave her a diamond earrings, true expensive and beautiful treasure that she could keep forever.

She hugged and thanked her dad for his generosity and patience in waiting for her to let go her cheap and fake pearls.. And accept the genuine beauty of diamond.


  1. Something that God intended me to do for a very long time. Finally, I learned it. Thanks to Sunday.:)

  2. Nice thina=)Really liked the message.

  3. @ Maxine: you surprised me with your comment..hehe..Thanks..

  4. I love Leah's message:

    banker's love (ahihi): i think i knw d "mystery" pearl haha! nice 1 agn! May ur open heart cntinue hearin msg from God =)

  5. i know the mystery pearl too....hahahah
    i know 1 day u'll get 2 hve d real diamond of ur life...ahkez!