Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Something in OLD (Part 2)

Yesterday, we celebrated Korea's semestral break and decided to come up with a Retro Party. There were still few classes, but every teachers(PM and AM) were excited to look with their enchantress hippie/retro/vintage look. On the otherhand, I wore a classy dress together with my gold or bronze accessories then I just brush up my hair. T'was fun seeing myself imitating an image on the google plus seeing my officemates showcasing their stuff too. The pantry was also designed well with flowers, asymmetrical shapes, disco ball and lights.

Hippie teachers
Bob Marley prototype


Team 8 enjoys the dinner

Each team's Best in Costume winners

Give us the beat, yoh!

Coz today is the night to remember!

Team 8's candid shot


Just tryin to look afro!=)

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