Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Something in OLD (Part 1)

 I have this certain fancy for vintage things. I just find it cool and funky. There are days when I would wear vintage clothes, listen to old songs, watch old movies. Is that considered to be nostalgia? Well, I think, it's more on I appreciate those because I was born with the family of old people(grannies)- so I'm aware of old photos and albums, long  playing, vintage cameras, Sanrio stationeries, Natalie Cole's big discs, traditional phones, sakbayan(vintage car) and Mustang '69.

I remember the question in the ice breaker- it's a box that contains hypothetical questions. It goes like this: If you were to be born in another era, what would it be and why? I always choose 1940's-70's era. There were so many wonderful inventions, personalities, events that happened on those times that changed the world's face. No wonder when you asked old people-they're so interesting because they would gladly talk about older days.

It makes me realize how the fast phasing world started with a humble beginning. I love the process. I love recreations and recycling. I love to differentiate.

There's something in old that makes me value more-it's the thing that could stay longer. The older it gets, the longer it'll stay. And the longer it'll stay, the more you'd experience life's marvel.

More to that, it widens my creativity to make something new from old. When I found an old material-let's say a dress, it's a chance for me to think of a way on how to embellish it uniquely.

See, I'm very young but I have an old soul..;)
I have a modern life, but I have an old-fashioned perpective and values.

I'm blessed for that.

cool! *-*





  1. Thank you Thina....... your outlook on life is so sincere and inspiring. Young people instil new life into older people. There is a saying in the UK...Many a new tune is played on an old fiddle ( violin) and it is so true. I just thank God for your ability to express yourself in words- Uncle John

  2. I love this line - "I have a modern life, but I have an old-fashioned perpective and values." =)

    I think everyone should do the same, go back to old fashioned values..btw, love your cam! hehe!

    - God's best's love

  3. Remember this my friend, YOU are MY VINTAGE friend!

  4. hahahaha, MK! that's a funny comment.:)))