Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blind child

I was riding awhile ago in the jeepney. Meanwhile, as I was looking at the other side of the jeep, I can sense that someone was touching my mailman bag. I felt a little terrified. But when I looked at someone beside me, it was a child who was sitting on his grandma’s lap. Then his grandma, asked him not to touch my bag and apologized for his grandson’s action. I said, “It’s ok, maybe he’s just playful.” “He’s blind.” The grandma answered. I was moved by what she said and started asking about the boy’s condition. As we were talking, the 3 year old child continued touching my bag and I allowed him to do so. On the back of my mind, I was praying that he’d live a normal life. And I was grateful that he has a patient grandma who takes care of him.

 I’m still blessed that I live normally. I can’t help to give his grandma any suggestions about his education and she answered calmly and responsibly and it seemed that they’ll do everything for the child.

Then after few minutes of talking and letting the child feeling my bag and my hand, I bid goodbye to the both of them and send a prayer in the air that ‘May God bless them.’

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