Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Saturday Move and groove(08.13.11)

Last Saturday, Makati Feast held their 2nd Sabado Move and Groove. I attended Makati Feast twice last Thursday, and my sister was asking me to buy a ticket for the Saturday party(I hesitated at first).

Saturday finally set in and I was preparing the clothes to wear, it's a must to wear something related to the theme, but I decided to wear a casual clothes cause I wanted to dance.

When I got in the Dance studio of Makati Square, I was alone, but then Sis. Jeck told me that there are PICC feasters, so it loosen up my awkward feelings. I was also waiting for Uncle John and Aunt Meda, but they were late cause they went to He Cares Anniversary. Good thing, I saw Sis. Jo and her brother, so we chatted for awhile, until Sis. Mara and Jeck hosted the groovy night.

I was excited at that time and I know everyone did also.

So we had the dinner then after eating, we danced the night out with the music of 60’s to contemporary. We danced for the glory of the Lord, and it was a wholesome party. Everyone was sweating out, so it seemed like an exercise. I was glad to be leading them at times, I was a born dancer, according to my highschool teacher and I started joining dance clubs from highschool to College.

I was also surprised to see my sister, Pao, there, wearing 'pambahay' clothes. lol 

It was a night to remember, because I was able to meet new friends, too.

thriller ba 'to?




 Sis Diana's candid shot

 Makati, PICC and Alabang Feasters

God loves to see us dancing! When we are sad, He can turn it into dancing! We are told to worship Him with dancing! There is a time in life we SHOULD dance! So YES! Dance, dance, dance!

'God turns our mourning into dancing!' (Ps 30:11)

'Praise His name with dancing!' (Ps 149:3)

' There is a time to mourn ... a time to dance!' (Eccles 3:4)

Go, Uncle John!=)

You may watch the video here also:

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