Sunday, March 11, 2012

Round 1: Focus on the Good

How to win over temptation and be Victorious by Bro. Bo Sanchez

Round 1: Focus on the Good 

Today's Feast is empowering especially when Bro. Bo Sanchez declared: God sees you as beautiful, beloved and blessed. God said, that's my boy/girl/kid! He is delighted and proud to see us being and doing good, thus the love that He shows heal us and we'll stop the self-rejection. How lovely, How Great His love is! :)

Every one has a Trojan horse inside us. There’s something in us that open us the gates of temptation. Once we fail into our sin, we tend to hate ourselves more. Behind every sin we commit is a cry for love.

This is it: The pleasure of sin is the pirated version of the pleasure of being loved.

The greatest weapon of devil against God’s people is Self-rejection. If somebody doesn’t like, appreciate or forgive him/herself that’ll open to many temptations.
It is hard work to love, forgive and appreciate yourself.

3 Symptoms of our Trojan horse

1.        1.  We don’t love ourselves.
2.      2. Our relationships are dysfunctional.
3.      3. We worship a rejecting God.

We must believe that we are totally, completely and perfectly loved by our Daddy God.

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