Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What happen to Eva?

5am. The church bell rings loudly awakening the town people. Eva starts to walk alone in going to mass. She never missed any morning masses and Sunday obligation. She passes by the street, looking thrifty at the food and hot cocoa vendors,then walks straight again with her black purse.

One girl holds and sells a sampaguita approaches Eva and she easily gets a 5-peso coins from her purse. The girl smiles at Eva while she looks stiffly at the girl, leave her and walk inside the church almost hurriedly.

She puts a sign of a cross and sits down on her favorite spot. She looks at the priest and listens to his homily. When the mass ends, she'll stand up and leave the place even the closing song isn't finished yet.

Before getting home, Eva goes to her preferred small grocery store and she buys her food for the rest of the week. Once she gets home, she prepares her stuff for her 8 o'clock day job as a typist in a local government in their town. Her officemates ask her about her family. She will answer, "I'm alone." And returns to finish faultlessly her typing task. During her lunch break, she eats at the corner of the table, finishes it quickly and returns to her desk again.

Menacing stairs from her officemates is nothing but a silhouette to her. They don't exist or she doesn't exist as she always tell herself.

The only thing that keeps her going is her sewing machine and the dresses that she makes every time she goes home. Only her sees it and nothing overflows from her.

Even the people from their town thought Eva is a ghost as she hides her true self. She avoids talking to people and no one knows the secret longings of her heart. 

She passes the street, breathes the air, looks for food but doesn't leave a mark of her presence.

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