Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Meet this Wonder kiddo!

AT THIRTEEN YEAR of age, Scott Lee Chua is an inspiration for everyone.

A Grade Seven student at Xavier School in Greenhills (Manila), Scott is a consistent first honor student who loves subjects from math, science, literature, arts, history, music, travel and even magic.

It was 2 months ago when my sister who's a travel junkie eagerly told me about Scott's books, Ten Travels in Tokyo; Kuala Lumpur and New Zealand. Scott's family annually traveled here, abroad  and places wherein this boy had already tasted the different cuisines, observed the beauty of every metropolis and urban areas as his tickling feet and imagination pounded the city's pavement.

Scott Lee Chua with his mom Dr. Queena Lee Chua
Finally read Scott's masterpiece

After I finished my job interview yesterday, I went straight ahead to Powerbooks, Greenbelt. I got the Marketing plan book, business books, Bro. Bo Sanchez's book then Scott Lee Chua's Top 10 Pinoy travels Manila (left) from Anvil Publishing.

I essentially bore myself in reading the first two books, then was inspired by Bro. Bo's book--but  I felt a sense of amazement and refreshed as I read Scott's book.

He describes Manila in a different shade- vividly colorful, widely appreciated, and with a child-like humor. No wonder, his inspiration of becoming a writer is Dr. Seuss.

It is also chromatically presented with playful illustrations by graphic artist Rommel “Omeng” Estanislao.

Mirroring my passion in his writings

From then on, he'll be one of my inspirations in writing a Children's book. He even gave an advises to the budding artists, "write as much as you can."  That influencing statement makes me hope to meet this Wonder Kiddo someday!:)

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