Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Goodbye, ENOZ Family!

I'll miss my officemates, friends, students, routines, breaktime, learning, station, everything in this company! It's Bye, bye time. I'll treasure my 3 years of working here.:)

Team Radicaux by Sam

Team 8, the Team to beat by TC Marian

My best schedule ever!!

Jini's and Kuma's letter

Youtop aca's letter

Hanseul's message

Pau bebe, Leah uhnie and me

Sam,my mare and Me

ENOZ's Teachers' letters--flooded me with love and appreciation

Leah uhnie gave me this box which contains GOD'S PROMISES and VERSES

in which I hold on to..

The 8 promises that are embossed are the most special, because the one who gave this
is the Mastermind! haha

Leah uhnie surprised me to flip over these little cards and I saw my officemates and the admin's messages for me. My gosh, I can't believe that I leave a mark in each of their lives--telling me
how I bless them with what I have and can give, praying for my success, appreciating what I did for them and being happy for my decision. 

I'll still keep in touch with the people who became close and dear to my heart--I'm just a text, call or FB away.:)

I was touched especially when there's another surprise-- I have to find the
8 things that Leah uhnie would miss about me. Here it goes! Oh my ghost! mother gows!

1. I will miss when you call me friend or uhnie.
2. I'll miss our chikahan on just about anything.
3. I'll miss your laugh, reminding me to be happy no matter what happens.
4. I'll miss how you help me out on stuff, may it be
work or life or heart related.
5. I'll miss your child-like ways, making me remember na di lang ako ganoon, kundi ikaw rin. ahahaha
6. I'll miss when you express how much you
value/appreciate your friend. Thank you for I'm one of them.:)
7. I'll miss your God-given talents. Thank you for sharing your voice, your art, your creative writing.
You are very generous.:)
8. I'll miss the whole you. We've been more than workmates because of the
wondeful person that is you!:)

I love you so much.

Photo by TC Joy

I was exhausted yesterday not because of many classes, but because of engaging and talking to people. I just had my last walk around the vicinity of my company. Sometimes my friends visit me, sometimes I do for them. Finally, I can relax there. I'll bloom wherever I am.:)
I'm at the Best Hands.


  1. dongsaeng!!! u posted it here pala! as if naman u wont, u r a writer.hehe.glad u appreciate. :o) bogoshipda,chinggu.di tayo masyado nakapag usap nung 10.meeting day,alam mo na.whew!.anyway, itutuloy naman natin yung simpleng kaligayahan date natin diba? day,pag settled ka na sa bago mo workplace =) so proud of u,friend.dito lang ako.and of course, u!see u soon! -butterfLEY =)

  2. I miss youuuuu na!!!!! Take care always ButterLEY!:) cute nang nabuo mo hang name! I'll soon go back and make tsika with you there!:)