Monday, May 7, 2012

Go back to where you started ( Media Ministry Booth)

NEWSPAPER. Pen. Camera—words to describe Media, but as the years of traditions of using those stuff pass by, and as the technology sets in, and the arise of Social Media; Still, nothing beats penning an article, covering an event and doing it because that entails in using your Core Gift. One of the milestones in developing my core gift occurred last May 6, Sunday when Feast PICC founded by Bro. Bo Sanchez organized a Ministry Fair. Each cluster comes up with outrageous booths to show off their booths to sign up for new servants.

 Nevertheless, Media Ministry Booth centers on the theme Funky and Vintage. To give a touch of classiness, we displayed on our booth some old cameras, tripod and even the treasure box. We also exhibit some of the photos we used in the Bulletin plus mounted on the box is our colored Feast Bulletin. Not to mention how cool is it to share your blessings by writing it. And the funky frame that could tadah-turned  you to a cover girl/boy pro. Don't worry if you don't want to be a cover girl/bro, the consolation is that it made you closer to your family and friends.

 To lessen the stress in making the booth presentable--- most of the servants are engaging in a storytelling and laughing at each other's joke!

T'was fun to organize such event because that task is for the Lord plus doing it with a humble servant like my Media Friends. :) Till next week!:) 

God bless!:)

Our Booth with our youngest Photographer, Christian Banal

Blast from the past

Best of the Feast

Lesson from a Teacher in Me

Praising and Thanking God for these wonderful and gifted servants

Random Photos By David Apalla, Cris Legazpi, Arlene Batislaong and Shem Ochoco
Top of Form
Bottom of Form

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