Monday, November 28, 2011


Serendipity means finding out unexpectedly the things that you don’t sought for. Ok, I had these serendipitous events for the past 2 weekends. First, was last Saturday when I attended the Inner Healing stream from KCON 2011. It’s was so unbelievable but I accepted it’s reality at that moment, when finally I heard a wonderful speaker by the name of Ilsa Reyes talking about Inner treasures, child and forgiveness. I mean the whole talk was superb but it was really a perfect moment for me to feel the tremendous love of God through these anointed people. Before, I prayed to heaven to send me people who could talk about it, and then unpredictably He did. Woah, such an avalanche of blessings from God!

Next one, yesterday I attended an Advent recollection for PICC Feast servants. Guess who’s the speaker? He’s the author of a book Free Love, True Love - Fr. Joel Jason. That book is an enlightening book about finding and working for a true love. He’s a very humorous and light hearted speaker. During his talk, I would always gasped, “ahhhh.” He reopened and reminded me again about the real essence of Christmas.

How can I thank the Lord for His generosity and kindness? I can by just Thanking, accepting and reminding myself that He loves me more than I do for him.
Last one, I saw this handsome man unexpectedly again from the Feast. He is the one whom I unexpectedly gave my warmth smile few months ago (good thing he sent back his because I was just familiarizing him at that time). But I almost forget about him, then I recalled him again yesterday. I’m just glad to see him again. :)

Now, I can confirm that this is the life from glory to glory to glory until eternity! J

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