Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blithe acquaintance

It's my first time to listen to The Bird and The Bee's songs. Ok, I was raised with a family who loves to listen to Bossa and jazz songs, but it is mixed alternative and pop too.Though, I'm not so familiar with other familiar songs from that genre. Anyway, this musical duo is consisted of Inara George (The Bird) and Greg Kurstin (The Bee). You could visit Mr. Wiki info about them. I could say that their songs are like lullabyes (lemme' sleep now, for I'm listening to their music, Wishes here).

Wishing on the star, wish with all my heart.
Wonder where you are
How do I get close to you and heaven thinks you turn, when we were kept apart

It's like asking me to reopen my childhood fantasies- well it's not hard for the Sanguine in me is always ready to return to my childhood days.:)

Oh, before I forgot. I'm glad to meet this band through this song. Gotta, listen to more of their songs..:)
Inara George (The Bird) and Greg Kurstin (The Bee)


  1. Glad you are starting to like alternative hehe...you are right, there are a lot of good alterna artists...thanks again for a different Christmas album...lets enjoy The Bird and The Bee and "the butterfly" too haha! =)

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  3. I like alternative songs, it's just like I didn't much give attention on it. You're welcome, uhnie!:) Of course, I more enjoy the Butterfly!:)