Monday, December 12, 2011

Healing Break Feast


Yesterday, Fr. Nelson Osorio (OSJ, Oblates of St. Joseph) held a healing mass at the Feast PICC from 1st to 3rd session. According to him, he received the gift of healing during attending an LSS on the year 1992. He’s now giving mass in San Jose Batangas.

On the first part of the homily, he taught us 3 different claps (pizza bun, buko juice and Ang galling-galing ni Lord) for us to remain awake. He shared that it’s his first time in the PICC and he always said that God loves us. He speaks poetically or it’s it’s because of his native language accent (Batangueno). He always brings with him the small replica of St. Joseph and Fr. Osorio told us that St. Joseph’s name was said 14 times in the Bible. He even promotes him; eventhough people would forget his name, but not St. Joseph’s.

He shared us one of his healing mass’ story. On February 15, 2009, He went to Camiguin Island. He didn’t have enough sleep and he only ate 2 pandesals (bread) before initiating the mass. He was hungry and one time he was talking to a man and told him that he’s already hungry, then the woman in front of them blurted out that they prepared some native chicken and then invited to eat with them. His prayer was granted then joined the woman in eating his favorite food. Afterwards, the woman asked him to pray over her neighbor, who’s just few meters away from their house. Fr. Osorio responded, “Ok.” Since his healing mass would start at 3pm and it’s only 1pm. When, he finally landed on the unbeknownst woman named Myrna Suazo, He noticed that her house looks like a slam house and she’s been bed ridden and had a brain tumor for 2 years already. Her husband and children left her with such horrible condition and the reason why she’s alive was because of her prayers to her altar with Mama Mary and Sto. Nino and also her neighbor’s concern.

Fr. Osorio intensely prayed over her, and then he saw how her face turned light. After 2 years of battling from her sickness this woman passed away and her presence marked Fr. Osorio’s heart and soul, and it didn’t stop him to travel all over the Philippines to pray over those who are seriously sick people.

 Fr.Nelson Osorio holding his St. Joseph's small replica

 Upon praying over a boy

Upon praying over a shaking man
 Photos by: Wendell Rupert Alinea
Bro. Bo’s Talk:

He had a short message for each of us before prompting to the Healing session. He asked us this question: Are you ready for a Touch of God? Of course, everyone answered yes. He added that that God is like a mother who readies the food on the table for her children. Our God is perfect father wherein every blessing, miracles and healing that we need are set on the table. He asked us, Why do we need a Healing session right now? It’s not to convince God to heal me, but it’s to convince me to receive His healing. God’s healing is like a rain pouring down. It’ll strengthen us to be faithful, trustful, becomes more open, so that we can be ready for more miracles, blessings and healings.

Afterwards, Fr. Nelson started to annoint our Healing ministry. It’s time for God’s movement and power.

Personal note: Yesterday, the Holy Spirit worked tremendously at PICC. When Father Osorio started to do tongues of Holy Spirit- speaking different languages, singing hymns to the Father, asking the Holy Spirit to fall down and overcome us- the Music ministry continuously sang the worship songs. The congregation started to fall in line. Then Fr. Osorio, the Healing ministry includes, Caring group head, Ministry heads) and the catchers started to pray over those who were in line. It was such a glorious time to see that most people were slain or touched by the Holy Spirit. I observed Fr. Osorio’s action, it was truly miraculous and powerful, his touch, his hymns, his blow. He always said that he was just a mere instrument of God in healing the sick. It’s our faith that heals us. Such a humble servant of the Lord and a special gift from above.
Many were healed and cleansed including me. Praised the Lord!


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