Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Let the children READ

Awhile ago, my bestfriend, Meanne treated me for a lunch as her post bday celebration with me. While waiting for her, I’m glad with rich realizations and visions that National bookstore gave me. (Hail to the owner of that store named Socorro Ramos or commonly known as Nanay Coring.) I saw different children’s books with its lowest price of 65pesos. I needed a dose of inspiration before creating a children’s literature. I want to buy as many books as possible (read some of it, make a review, write a summary then give it to random Filipino children). Come to think of it? How many children are no read and write? It’s not a shocking news anyway that Philippines belongs to a 3rd world country. On the otherhand, how many middle class parents decided to buy them toys instead of short storybooks (Accept me for being a geek- but correction a beautiful geek, ok?) I’m talking to parents of 7-11 year old children- who by that age can read any reading materials depending on their level. I believe that letting the children explore their wildest imagination is one of the best gifts that parents can give them. I suddenly recall a storytelling competition from the kids of Lampara Books Philippines  during the 31st Manila International Bookfair that made me fall in love with that organization- meet them here.

I shared to my bestfriend about the children's books and its cause. Like for every one book that'll be sold, 1p will be given to the National bookstore foundation. That discussion led  us on the numerous things that we want to do- yes, our active mind is aware of social change. But social change is an intricate and complex thing- I believe in the power of doing it in a small group, then finding few people who’d be more aware of such cause. Whatever it is.
I want to give books. I want to share the power of reading books.

Then, she shared to me a bookay-Ukay (a little vintage styled bookstore where you can dig in the cheapest or 2nd hand books.) nearby UP Diliman. I’m excited to go there. I promised myself not to indulge myself with material things this season (because I’m wishing that others might give me some..hehe), except for buying books and printing out my short stories. That’ll be the best thing I can do for myself now, I’ve done my part with my family, friends, ministries and others but of course I have to do something good for myself too.

I have to use my core gift properly. Believe me, it produces magic! :)

Pass it on, because the language of heaven can be best heard by giving what you have all the way. ;)
There maybe one, two or 3 kids- who's ready to join Dora in exploring the world.

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