Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Camaya Coast

Camaya Coast is a Residential Resort and an Emerging Vacation Destination. It is once a secluded cove accessible only to small boats from nearby villages of Mariveles carrying fishermen and local tourists, this beautiful hidden beach facing South China Sea has now been unveiled as the newest showcase to tourists or vacationers.

Blessed with natural white sand beaches amid grassy forest and rolling hills, the coast is being earmarked for recreation, eco-tourism, and nature preservation. It will also have hotels, commercial and entertainment strips where guests can shop, dine, and simply enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

-Camaya Coast Visions Portfolio

Last Saturday morning, we were invited to have a glimpse of Camaya Coast’s stunning exquisiteness in Mariveles, Bataan. It’s an hour and a half trip via Ferry in PICC. When we got inside the Ferry, I thought of a “Ro-ro,” it’s a ship wherein people can ride there going to a nearby shore.

The Ferry
I was mistaken, because once you get inside this convey, it’ll transport you into wonders of “I’m lucky to be here.” The big space inside this first class ferry has a capacity of a hundred and fifty passengers, in which they can assemble in a cozy blue seats plus they can enjoy in watching R’n’B music videos on a wide flat screen plasma.

 Plasma, attention getter inside the ferry

Later on, the sluggishness that I felt due to waking up too early was turned into enthusiasm as the 2 beautiful ladies woke us up with their knack in entertainment and hosting. There’s no room for yawning inside since it was filled with fun games and videoke, and as an energetic as I am, I participated in the game called, 1 minute and videoke. Luckily, I won the Camaya Coast’s white cap and a 15 minute free massage. My sister also bagged the 15 minute free massage and my mom got the calendar for being consistently awaken with the ice breaker’s stream and fearlessly adapting the wave as it shudder the ferry.

The ferry turned silent after the announcement of winners. I consider the trip as a reunion for some unknown passenger, because some of them look like a Green card Holder who misses their family terribly. The seafarers were roaming as they checked everyone was having a safe spree.

Afterwards, it’s time for us to get off the ferry and walk along the wide blue flabby bridge with yellow poles and blue strings which were strongly built. Good thing, my vertigo didn’t distract me in crossing from it in going to Camaya Coast.  

Exodus moment while going to Camaya Coast

 Save the diving for later

Finally, we set our feet into the lovely natural white sand beach as it unveiled the hidden beauty of this resort. It looks inviting; I saw some kids running towards the water and felt the freshness of it.

The beach amid grassy forest and rolling hills

As I was walking along the sand, I miss swimming. I dreadfully, terribly, die-hardly wanted to swim! But I have to follow the program flow first prior to pursue that strong impulse. So, as we sat along the nipa hut, I listened seriously to Arnold, Property Investment Consultant as he stated the benefits of investing our future homes there. The project consists of residential and commercial development designed for elegant living and modern lifestyle found in unique and natural landscapes. You can find there the following:

l  The Beachfront Facilities
l   The Camaya Boardwalk
l   Beachfront Gazebo
l  Residential Subdivisions (Kenchana hills, Menara Point, Pelangi Heights and Bayu Peaks)
l  Cliffside Condos
l  The Commercial Town Center
l  White Sand beach
l  A view of the South China Sea
l  Forest trails
Thus, as he continued illustrating about it, lunch was served and I ate it heartily. Afterwards, we moved out from the Nipa Hut as he tour as around the regal resort.

1.       Resort hotel 
-   It’s still a work in progress but they started to put up different amenities and decorations arranged for summer vacation.
Hotel’s captivating façade

The manufactured chairs are perfect for chatting with friends

2.      Cliffside condos
-         Once you get there, you can oversee the Camaya Coast and the South China Sea, with one, two and three bedrooms condo suites.

Camaya Coast Van: Ready to aboard the cliff trip?

Experiencing the Ec0-nature Park’s splendid view

My favorite spot: The Santorini-inspired wall overseeing the Camaya Coast

                                                         Bachelor/ette pad

3.      Beachfront Gazebo
- It caters special occasions and activities for numerous guests.

Soothing and uniquely designed swimming pool

Pavilion- avenue for the resident's occasion

4. The Resort
- This is one of the perks from this place, the easy-puzzy access to the beach.

Little cruise ship

Cinderella left her slippers because the seabreeze hushed her to turn, Ariel.

Thus, you will enjoy Life’s Great Pleasures. That half-day experience is worth-remembering because it made me connect with my inner-mermaid again, swimming into the depths of the sea and seeing the treasures in it. Thank you, Mother Nature!

Photos by Shem


  1. Thanks for the latest pics that you posted in your blog about Camaya, it's the only way I can view the latest development of the resort and be assured that my money is well worth spending every penny every time I see new addition every now and then and how different it look when I set foot on the magnificent white sand 2 years ago. Your blog is greatly appreciated.

  2. Thanks Ms. Ann! Btw, is this Sis. Ann Relova?:)