Friday, February 10, 2012


I have a mixed emotions today. Let me enumerate these into numbers:

1. Why are there people who's afraid of confrontation?
2. I met Meanne's cool boss and officemates.
3. I ate the ice cream that I've been craving for to eat-- The Cheesecake ice cream cup from Mini Stop. (that's how babaw I am!)
4. I went to Richmonde Hotel and find out that's it's small than what I saw on TV. Lately, I've been fascinated with the Hotel lobby.
5. I passed my resignation today. I felt stiff, but I'm deeply sad. Leaving my friends will be hard.
6. I bond with my team and made the Valentines decoration on our wall.
7. I'm excited yet calm for the Hot Air balloon festival.
8. I found out that my little Korean friend will be leaving to Korea this Monday.She needs to study Hangeul there, because her English is better than her National language.
9. Her mom will fly with her. The 3 of us embraced, but Their genuiness and light-heartedness are engraved in my heart.
10. Now, I got it-- this nameless emotions is based on the moments that I'm not expecting today. Today is different and the days to come will be-- I'll meet new people and I'll adjust to a new environment. Honestly, Doing it afraid is what overpowers me now.

I'll start a new and thrilling life and maybe I'd learn from her, because she'll doing it afraid too. I hope it'll be easy for the both of us to adjust, but if not we'll learn it in time.
with my Kor-Nay friend!

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