Monday, September 19, 2011


Heroes can be everywhere. They can be beside you, just around the corner, farthest place or in front of you. They deserve a great applaud or a salute as they silently fulfill the desires of their hearts, do it for the greater good, and roll their sleeves up in keeping us safe and better, thus we must learn to pay it forward. Playing hero and taking a role in an adventure is what you and me wants to live. There’s still time to restore the hero in us. We just have to be inspired with people who do their best with their relationship with their family, respective jobs and other people. I have set here 7 fictional or real examples that regularly or often we meet.

I woke up earlier today and said my morning prayer. After doing some of my routines; I felt hungry, so I went outside to buy bread. The woman in front of me greeted me with a genuine smile almost wanted to say, ‘Good morning.’ But I interrupted and said, ‘Can I buy 10 pieces of bread?’ She unhurriedly gets some bread and put it on the small brown paper bag. She quickly does it, as she sensed the hunger painted on my face. I gave her the money, took the bread, and she still has a smile on her face.

It made my day, as I went home eating hot bread with coffee. I thank the baker, as she did her task enthusiastically.

When, I went home. My mom prepared the table together with the plate, cup and utensils so I can eat immediately. I know my mom- she thinks advanced. There may be times, when I disregard her and gets mad at me. But as we’re growing together, I feel her deep love for me always.

I want to tell her, ‘Thank you. I love you. You’re the best.’ (Please do it, too if she’s beside you.)

Next, I was riding a jeepney- I was in a little hurry. I noticed him carefully as he looks at his passengers. He drives with a normal speed, because passengers’ safety is what he’s after. Once the rider gives more than enough, he would give the exact amount of change, unless he forgets.

I admired this jeepney driver, because without him, I can’t attend my work on time.

As I was riding the jeepney, I can’t help to wonder about these great people from the past. They were the people who honed our abilities to be who we are right now. They were our inspiration and guidance. Aside from teaching the subjects, they also taught us good moral conduct.

They were always in front of us, so that we could see the future awaiting for us. The power of their words, created a beautiful reality on our minds. We’re grateful for these teachers.

I always wanted to become a writer, so I looked upon the people who could help me to become one.

I was looking at her from afar, as her mind works again for another story to write on. She was unmoved and just paying attention on the big billboard. Rest assured, she was describing every details embossed there- nonetheless from small to big one. She had an inquisitive mind, and sometimes she’d bore herself in introspection. I just allow her- because that’s how she communicates her inner world into the vast Universe.

Thanks for being a good writer. You don’t know how you bless the world with your words.

In order for me to become a good writer, I need to read and read and read and read. That’s it!
That’s what I always do, whether it’s news, simple short and current events. Part of the current events is our heroes overseas who said to be the new heroes of our generation. They lay golden eggs for the benefit of their families and country. The fruit of their sweat, tears and loneliness would pave way in alleviating their family’s economic status.

I give my salute to our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). They may be far away but their great help are widely known.

On the otherhand, there is also a businessman, who helps people to become better as him. He’s getting a good profit, because he shows a lively interest with his customers. He made them feel important and great. The product or service that he’s selling meets his buyer’s expectations. He values people more than money that’s why it flows abundantly through him. He doesn’t keep it to himself, instead he shared it to his family, ministry and in need.

God knows when to give him double and triple for his generosity and kindness.

Heroes have a name- they are the baker, mother/parents, jeepney driver, teacher, writer, OFW, and Business man. But these are only few of so many heroes living out there. Ask yourself, ‘Am I included with these 7?’ ‘How do I become a hero?’

Create a story about a hero in you. It’s you who can unleash it, anyhow. We’re connected to each other and as we do our job excellently- we’re fulfilling our purpose. The world needs us, so let’s move- HEROES!

May God bless you.

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