Thursday, September 29, 2011

Red room

After the group discussion, I was invited by Mark to tag along with him in his house. He didn’t invite our classmates, it was solely me. At first, I hesitated but since, it’s his first time to do so; I gave in and went with him. Is this for real, he’s inviting me out?

So I fixed my hair, put a little lipstick and redefine my posture. I have to show him I’m worthy of his invite. As we’re off to his car- he was listening to jazz songs which set me into a good mood. I saw him as he tapped his finger on his steering wheel and he sensed my uncomfortable feeling. So he asked if I wanted to listen into another song. I just nodded. Then, he changed into rock music and those songs made me tap my hands on my lap. He noticed that I like it, so we continued listening to it until we reached his house.

In the front door, I was amazed by the beauty of his white walled house. Inside was a large dining area-full of frames and decorations from different countries. I sensed that my jaw dropped, so I immediately close it- it might lessen my beauty points to him as I thought. He told me that his family was able to produce this house with their sweat and blood. He’s serious in saying the last word. But it didn’t bother me much. I don’t know what made me attracted to Mark-maybe it’s because of his mysterious aura. Yes, he was quite silent-always thinking and wondering, while I’m an observer. Of course, I had a few friends. And he was always alone or with his buddy, James. Though, I heard even before that his family is rich. And those gossips were proven, when I stepped into their house.

‘Would you want some drink, Claire?’ He broke the ice of silence.

‘Yes,please’. I answered awkwardly.

I sat down and speculated why he studied in a State University, though his parents can provide him in a prestigious school. He was too good to be true to stay in our school. It took him in a flash to return with a glass of chilling water.

‘It’s true that you’re really rich. Why did you study in our school?’ I fin’lly got the courage to ask him.

My parents also graduated from that school. They taught me the value to start from low before getting into the top.’ His humility confirmed one thing again, why I was attracted to him.

‘Ahh. I see.’ As my eyes smiled at him.

He stood up for awhile, and then asked me to follow him in his room. That made my sweat turned cold and my hands and legs quite tremble. ‘Why would I go into his room?’ I asked myself. But I kept on following him.

Then, he opened the door and I do it afraid. I was looking inside the room and was shocked on what I saw. The room was filled with blood. I could even hear a single drop of blood on the floor. Sometimes, it’s continuous. I had goosebumps and never thought that this would add up into Mark’s mystery. I saw bodies sliced into two that made me almost vomit, but I stopped. I was looking behind me if Mark was there. But he wasn't. He left me with this kind of morbid show. As I continued walking inside the spewing room, I felt pity with those lifeless bodies. I even wanted to get a thread and needle to play a role of a surgeon and just sew their skins, gave their life back through CPR. But I was helpless.

Then, Mark entered the room looking at me cautiously, almost wanted to say, ‘sshhh.’ I remained composed, though my heart beats so fast. Everything I thought of him vanished and I didn’t notice that he was holding a knife. As he came slowly unto me his knife was now visible, that I wanted to scream. As he was near to me, he blurted out, ‘Oh, sorry! Did I scare you? Then, he suddenly put the knife on one of the tiles and continued saying,’ this is the reason why my parents got rich- this is our butchery area. Don’t you like pigs, do you?’ 

‘Haven’t I told you, that I’m already vegetarian after my mom died from cancer?The sight of these pigs made me almost die.’ Such honesty made Mark got interested to me more.

‘Oh, I didn’t know it. Come on! Tell me more about it.’

We went out the room- but the sights of those pigs still lingered on my mind. He said that he’ll be taking care of that business someday. It made me think, ‘Would I bear such view someday?’ Mark sensed me pondering, so he asked me to go out for a snack. I went with him, still wondering.

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