Thursday, September 22, 2011

Until the waiting becomes over

It’s 2:30 in the afternoon, Joan was looking at herself on the video. She was still waiting for her student to arrive because it’s logging time. She stayed stationary on her chair yet her eyes wandered all over the monitor and her hand was on her mouse sometimes clicking or opening any files but one thing she’s uttering silently that the phone would ring and her student would be absent. Then its 2:33. She sent a message to her boss updating the student’s unpunctualness. She waited also for the reply. Then suddenly a memory hits her. One day, she was alone at the park, while waiting for Mark for a long hour. He didn’t appear on the same time she expected him to come. He seemed to forget the value of time when he’s with her. She started texting and calling him but there was no reply. Her heart ached as he waited for 2 hours to the man of his dreams. She was expecting something good from him, yet he was not into it. She went home counting her steps, looking at the ground because she doesn’t want her mom to see her scarlet eyes and nose.

‘Then, 2:38 appeared. Her student wasn’t there yet. She saw a little depression was painted on her face as she continued marveling to that scene.

I told you, he’s not meant for you. But you’re not listening. He always give you burden. Why not leave him?’ her mom said when they’re both alone in her room.

 ‘I thought, he’d already change after he returned to me and promised that he’ll be more committed.’  She said that while catching her breath for a long time crying.

When will you open your eyes to the truth that he can’t be that you expect him to be?’

‘Please leave me alone first, mom. I know I need time to mull over this and decide what’s the best for me.’

‘Ok, Joan. Hope you’d also change your mind.’

Her mom closed the door and she looked at the scar on her wrist. She recalled the suicide she committed after her 1st break up with Mark. She mourned tremendously in losing him because she almost gave everything to him.

After 8 minutes of recalling her bitter past, her honcho told her to still wait for the student.

‘Another waiting again?’ she gasped to herself. ‘Maybe I could take the long waiting forever. I’ve done this before until I realized that it’s no good of help. Why should I just relax and stop looking at my watch after all everything that I’ve been through with him is over. He’s not with me anymore when he decided to be with his other woman.’

The agony of long waiting arrived on its end- when she finally decided to forget him and move on; there’s a light in her heart, eventhough the scars remain. Her eyes finally set on the time and it’s already 2:55. Her student didn’t attend and she realized that long waiting possibly meant 'in just a snap!'

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